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Wood Wallpaper

Wooden walls create a natural living climate and provide each room with a very particular comfort. They radiate warmth and liveliness and can be combined with many furnishing styles. Since not everyone has the possibility to equip their home with a real wooden wall, our wood effect wallpapers are a great alternative. They allow you to effortlessly create a beautiful wood effect for your walls and lend your home rustic comfort, British chic or Scandinavian living flair. more
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Product Range: From Raw Wood Planks to Noble Wood Panelling

We have something for every taste: worn wooden planks with flaking paint, cracks and signs of wear for the trendy shabby chic look; lightly varnished wooden walls in pastel tones for Scandinavian cosiness or dreamy country-house romance; shiny wood panelling in warm brown tones for the fashionable British cottage style.

Characteristics: Photorealistic Wood Designs for Walls and Doors

Thanks to their perfect, photorealistic designs, our wood effect wallpapers are hardly distinguishable from real wooden walls at first sight. Some models are made of vinyl, which has the advantage that they can be used well in kitchen and bathroom as they are washable and very sturdy. A peculiarity are also our original door wallpapers; enjoy the surprised looks of your visitors.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. British Cottage Style Home Decor: A wallpaper with noble wood panelling on the wall, a large country-style library and Chesterfield-style upholstery, and you are ready to enjoy English comfort in your living room; home textiles with floral or check patterns are also essential here, of course.
  2. The Right Combinations: Your home decor appears particularly harmonious when you take up the colour and structure of the wood effect wallpaper for the furniture. For the wallpaper in dark beech, for instance, choose table and chairs in the same type of wood.
  3. Conjure up some Cabin Cosiness: How about some cabin cosiness within your own four walls? A photorealistic stack of wood on the wall makes your home proper and rustically cosy, for sure!
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