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New kitchen wallpaper gives your kitchen a different atmosphere

Kitchen wallpaper for your kitchen can be found at Tapeto.com in a product variety that will really impress you. Wallpapering your kitchen does not have to wait until your next vacation, because a weekend is absolutely sufficient to let your kitchen shine with a brand new kitchen wallpaper in a completely new atmosphere. Kitchen wallpaper named Jischka ice-blue give the kitchen a look that reminds us of the last beach holiday in Italy. You can celebrate the Italian flair with spaghetti and Italian music in your kitchen after wallpapering it. If you like it simpler, take a smooth flower wallpaper Avery in white, because, despite the subtle flower pattern, it looks very decorative without appearing obtrusive. Cooking is an art that is even more fun in a newly papered kitchen. If creative cooking ideas have been firmly integrated into your everyday life as a basis for a healthy lifestyle, be brave and dare to take the next step in your wellness activities and plan a change of scenery in your kitchen by selecting a new wallpaper for this particular room.

A hard-wearing wallpaper for the cooking area

When cooking, a high humidity is generated and for this reason the kitchen wallpaper must be very durable. Give the Tapeto.com wallpaper Online Shop a visit and find a kitchen wallpaper that can withstand stress and high temperatures in the kitchen. Vinyl wallpapers are suitable as kitchen wallpaper for your kitchen, because they have a special coating and can be wiped off. Each single wallpaper strip can be pasted easily and can also be quickly removed during a subsequent relocation. Before decorating your kitchen, please check the existing base and if you find strongly absorbing walls, please apply lining paper before hanging your wallpaper. In addition to the vinyl wallpaper, cotton wallpaper is outstandingly suitable as kitchen wallpaper because both of them regulate the moisture in your room in a natural way. In winter, a design wallpaper can give your kitchen a whole new look thanks to many different available motifs. This wallpaper has even a heat-insulating effect which guarantees more warmth on ice-cold winter days in particular and minor spatters can carefully be wiped off after cooking. But a mural is also conceivable when it comes to visually enhancing the room.

Washable kitchen wallpaper with lacquer coating

It is hot in the kitchen every day, because, in addition to the heat of the cooking, when the meals are stirred, cooking spatters on the wallpaper can lead to slight soiling. Then it is very handy if you have chosen a washable kitchen wallpaper, because this wallpaper has a special layer of synthetic resin lacquer and is definitely wipable. Anyone who removes the spatters immediately prolongs the life of the wallpaper. If the food residues are only wiped off later, they are often already dried up and it is much more difficult to rub them off. The design of the wallpaper type kitchen wallpaper is not damaged when the stains from cooking are adequately wiped off.

The motifs of the kitchen wallpaper as basis for redesign

Graphic patterns, summer flowers or a classic stripe design, think about the lifestyle or the lifestyle you want to reflect in the kitchen before you buy your wallpaper. Since kitchen wallpaper is not repalced on a daily basis such as clothes, an exact planning with creative details is inevitable, to make sure you subsequently feel comfortable in your newly papered kitchen for a longer period. Which topic would you like to stage artistically in your kitchen this time? Some impressions of countries or cities for people who love to travel, matching their eating habits, are just as possible as the illustration of modern or historical art in lovely details. With borders you can apply further eye-catchers in your kitchen which can cover small blemishes on your walls at the same time. Borders can also be placed horizontally as a room divider. If you live in an old building with very high ceilings, a horizontally placed border creates a visually smaller kitchen area. Kitchen windows can be framed with borders if necessary, in order to create a contrast to a rather plain wallpaper. Kitchen wallpapers and borders are not only available in adhesive form but also as self-adhesive kitchen wallpapers or borders in our wallpaper Online Shop.

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