Wallpaper with motif

As a lover of expressive photographical motifs, modern designs and colorful patterns and collages, you will truly get your money´s worth here. Create awesome and romantic photo backdrops that will inspire daydreams or turn your walls into decorative pin boards of nostalgic mementos with always something new to discover. Our motif wallpapers with their impressive graphics are absolute highlights in every room. more
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Product Range: Motifs in a Wide Diversity of Designs, Colors and Sizes

Motifs of any shape, color and size take center stage here: striking illustrations, expressive large-format or small-scale photo motifs as well as colorful patterns and ornaments; sequences and collages of lovingly arranged objects seem like nostalgic gallimaufries of memories and add a touch of retro to your home. Striking photo motifs give depth to a room and make it a heaven of relaxation.

Specials: Small Works of Art from Photography, Graphics and Illustration

Our motif wallpapers with artful collages from photos, letters and antique mementos are a special eye-catcher : perfectly staged and photographed, they create a deceivingly real three- dimensional spatial effect.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Charming Nostalgia: Motif wallpapers with retro collages fit effortlessly and perfectly to furniture and vintage style decorative objects. This look is brought to perfection, when motifs of the wallpaper can also be found in your decoration, such as an antique sewing machine, a retro alarm clock or an old typewriter.
  2. Harmonious Blend: Combine colorful and decorative motif wallpapers with light furniture in white and pastel hues . Like this, you create contrasts and a harmonious balance to the colorful wall design.
  3. Meditative Photo Wallpapers for Relaxed Sleeping: Motif wallpapers with harmonious motifs from nature are perfectly suited to transform your bedroom into an oasis of peace and relaxation. They have a soothing effect and help you to relax after a stressful day.
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