Shabby chic wallpaper

“Shabby Chic” stands for an unconventional style that plays with the charm of traces of use on surfaces and furnishings. Old furniture with visible signs of wear - from the flea market is perfectly fine, as well – becomes fit for a parlour. The wall design also shows traces of the past with surface structures whose patina tells stories. It is precisely this non-perfect design that constitutes the appeal of our shabby chic wallpapers which give the rooms a special cosiness. more
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Product Range: Masonry, Wooden Walls and Surfaces with Traces of Use

This is not about high gloss and perfection - the focus is on surfaces that seem worn and used. Faded ornament patterns in vintage style, chipped wall plaster, faded wooden walls, raw masonry, rust and yellowed paper are the prevailing motifs of our shabby chic wallpapers: unconventional and absolutely trendy. The colours are simple and unobtrusive: colours from nature, such as light earth, grey and pastel shades dominate.

Special Features: Photographs with impressive stagings

Our murals transform your four walls into a great backdrop of the past with extraordinary photographs, such as the brick facade of a defunct, dilapidated factory building, an old weathered vault with bizarre play of light and shadow or an abandoned villa with crumbling stucco.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Shabby chic look for your home: For the "all around" Shabby chic look, old vintage furniture and decoration objects with visible traces of use, to be found on junk markets, are perfect. With playful home textiles, such as crocheted tablecloths, pillowcases with ruffle trim and lace curtains, you can round off the nostalgic shabby chic look.
  2. Opposites attract: Shabby chic wallpapers not only match vintage furniture and retro design. You can also combine these with modern furniture, as it is precisely the inconsistency between worn-out wall façade and modern high-gloss furniture that is exciting, very trendy and stylish.
  3. Play with light effects: With the right lighting, you can effectively draw attention to our large-scale wall pictures. Particularly nice is an indirect lighting with ceiling spots; you can also create interesting effects and a cosy living atmosphere with light strips on the floor.
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