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Magnificent and opulent, as in a palace, orientally enchanting, as in a fairy tale of 1001 nights. Floral tendrils, antique knotwork and nostalgic retro patterns - the motifs of our ornament wallpapers are as multifaceted as those from past times and distant cultures that inspired them. But they all have one thing in common: they make every room a world of experiences for all your senses. more
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Product range: Ornamental variety

Our ornament wallpapers have many faces: their patterns range from quiet and subtle decors and romantic playful floral tendrils to extravagant and pompous noble variants with shiny and shimmering surfaces. Here, for every taste and of course every furnishing style, the right wall design is available: from simple, modern elegance to baroque pomp - everything is possible.

Specialties: Finishes for sophisticated demands

Glitter particles, metallic lustre or gold-embroidered structures that look like brocade - the striking refinements of our wallpapers make them unique and your wall design a visible and tangible experience.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Shabby chic and English country house style: Playful floral vines on the walls are a typical design element of Shabby chic style and the English country house style. Light or white wood furniture and romantic, ruffled and flower-patterned home textiles in pastel colours are a good fit.
  2. Baroque elegance: Gold-glittering ornament wallpapers are part of the Baroque style of furnishings, as is the typical velvet-covered ornate seating furniture with curved legs and golden embellishments. To keep the overall picture from becoming too massive, you should use the furniture consciously and reduced, and rather combine just a few prominent objects with simpler furniture.
  3. Oriental living flair: Ornament wallpapers with oriental patterns give a space the fairy-tale like charm of tepid summer nights and distant lands. The orient look becomes perfect with large round seat cushions, hanging or table lamps made of silver or brass and matching patterned carpets and home textiles.
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