Modern wallpaper

Trendy, unconventional and original are the themes and designs of our modern wallpapers: as new interpretations of classical forms or with innovative and futuristic graphic patterns, they bring the current zeitgeist and urban feeling into your four walls. With this trendy wall design, you impress every visitor and are certainly en vogue! more
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Product range: The modern era has many faces

A potpourri of different shapes and designs awaits you here. From strict, cool geometry, psychedelic patterns and modern graffiti to extravagant and ornate, stylized ornament motifs with noble gold and metallic effects. Here, you will find everything that deserves the label contemporary and expressive.

Specialties: Absolutely trending wall paintings and panels

Designers such as Ingrid von Hoff and Miriam Medri created striking wall decoration designs with modern illustrations and reinterpretations of established graphic forms of the past. As wall paintings or large format panels, these bring the lifestyle character of modern art into every room.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Stylish minimalism: The minimalist style of living, with its reduction to the essentials and the clear formal language, is a very popular modern living trend. It can be achieved very well with the simple geometric variants of our modern wallpapers. Combine them best with trendy design classics with straight lines and the colours white or black.
  2. Cool graffiti look: Graffiti convey the vitality of vibrant big cities and always have the exciting feeling of the forbidden. As wallpapers, they bring this urban feeling directly to your home and look particularly stylish when combined with iconic furnishings made of metal, plastic or untreated wood.
  3. All is gold that glitters: Modern does not always have to be reduced. Our Glööckler wallpaper designs reinterpret the extravagant and sumptuous ornaments of the baroque epoch and can be combined with modern design furniture as well as with chic retro furnishings.
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