Leather wallpaper

Leather has always stood for high quality and exclusivity, both in fashion and in furnishings. At the same time, it symbolizes naturalness and warmth and gives every room cosiness. Whether an exciting crocodile look, soft suede or the glossy elegance of smooth leather - our leather effect wallpapers have many faces and lend a particularly noble character to your walls. more
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Product Range: Exotically Exciting Faux Leather

Shiny crocodile look for adventurers and Indiana Jones fans, soft nappa leather imitation with African flair or the purist beauty of smooth leather - the product range of our leather wallpapers is just as multifaceted as the shapes and structures of their models from nature.

Special Features: Motifs to Touch and to Amaze

Touching allowed and encouraged : The realistic and natural effect of our wallpapers is intensified by tangible embossing and effective surface finishes, which create a haptic experience in addition to the visual effect. Particularly exciting are our large-area murals, providing for an adventurous wildlife mood in the room with their photorealistic depictions.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Out of Africa: The natural appearance of the leather effect wallpapers blends in wonderfully with the African furnishing style with earth tones and natural materials such as rattan, wood and raffia. If you like it even wilder, you can combine animal statues made of wood, African sculptures and home textiles in animal fur optics.
  2. Minimalist Elegance: “Less is more,” is the basic principle of minimalism. This purist furnishing style with reduced, modern inventory and individual, eye-catching decoration objects harmonises very well with a luxurious leather look wall decor.
  3. Creating Harmonious Connections: Create an aesthetic effect in your room by matching your upholstery in material and / or colour to your faux leather wall coverings. The leather wallpaper in smooth leather look, for example, fits to an elegant smooth leather couch or leather-covered chairs and armchairs.
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