Food and drink wallpaper

Fresh basil, crunchy apples or sweet figs – the motives here present food deliciously and appeal to all the senses. Turn your dining area into a stylish lounge, or show your love for cooking with cheerful illustrations and calligraphies related to food and drink. These wallpapers simply whet the appetite and get everyone into a good mood! more
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Product Range: Food Photography and Illustrative Graphics with Meaning

Here you can find a lot of treats: large-format photo-wallpapers with excitingly staged delights which will have your guests’ mouths watering, as well as impressive graphics and illustrations all related to cooking and enjoying - the ideal backdrop for entertaining friends and family.

Special features: Wash-Resistant and Robust

In the kitchen and dining area, the wall coverings must of course be more durable and ideally you can wash them off, so that smaller mishaps leave no lasting traces. Therefore, most of our food & drink wallpapers are wash-resistant and thus easy to clean.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Gastronomic lifestyle: Our large-format food motifs are very suitable for designing walls in bars, cafes and bistros. Your guests’ mouths will start to water at the sight of the striking delicacies.
  2. Focus on the dining area: You can create a strong spatial effect by making the wall behind your dining table a large photo wall - the perfect way to make your cosy dining area the centre of attention.
  3. Create your private lounge: Are you missing the right flair and kick in your small seating corner for your afternoon coffee? How about a wall painting with seductive coffee and chocolate specialties? Your living area instantly will enchant you and your guests with lounge character and Italian coffeehouse flair.
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