Dots and circle wallpaper

Wallpapers with dots and circles have a particularly strong graphic expressiveness. Patterns with small dots look playful and lively. Large circles symbolize calmness and closure. No matter which variant you choose - minimalist dot designs, colourful scattered confetti or striking geometric circle patterns - with our dots & circles wallpapers, your interior design becomes a well-rounded affair. more
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Product Range: Anything that is roundish!

Glittering colourful dots sticking to the wall like randomly cast confetti, intricate circles that create optical illusions, large panels that conjure glowing starry skies onto the wall – small dots get very much centre stage in our wallpaper motifs; loud and colourful or quiet and discreet - a round of variety awaits you here.

Special Features: Glittering Stones and 3D Effects are in Focus

Absolute highlights are our refined wallpapers with sparkling stones and glass pearls, conjuring glittering light effects onto your walls and creating awesome spatial effects with their relief structures.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. To the Point: If the decoration of an entire room in a dots design is too busy for your tastes, simply combine a single-coloured wallpaper of the same colour scheme. Many wallpaper series include patterned and monochrome variants of the same designs, so it´s really simple to achieve a colour-coordinated design.
  2. Round off your Interior Design: The spatial effect is particularly coherent if you repeat the dot or circular shapes of the wallpaper in your decor, for example, you might choose a few round decoration objects, dotted cushion covers or tablecloths.
  3. For Bold Pattern Mixers: Dotted wallpapers are a must for lovers of the modern pattern mix. Just combine dots, stripes and checks in one room. You can mix different wallpapers or create bold contrasts with differently coloured home textiles.
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