Brick Wallpaper

Stone walls have a very special charm: they are indeed a return to the origin, to the material every house is built of. They stand for permanence and security, lend character to a space and create a very special living flair. With our stone effect wallpapers, you can easily evoke the illusion of a stone wall; whether lively natural stone, elegant tiles or a rough brick wall - our wallpaper designs always seem extremely realistic. more
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Product Range: from Rough Natural Stone to Modern Tiled Walls

Do you wish for the rustic cosiness of a Breton country house, or the unconventional look of a modern loft-style flat? Our product range includes a variety of designs, so you can realise almost every home decor style. The selection ranges from natural stone decor in river stone or limestone optic to open, unplastered masonry from brick to the purist-modern tile wall in granite design.

Special Features: Detailed Photographs and Tactile Surface Structures

Thanks to the detailed, photographical motifs, our stone effect wallpapers have a very realistic look and convey the perfect illusion of a real stone wall. Some designs underline this effect with an additional embossing to reinforce the three-dimensional effect and add a tangible structure to the wall.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Set the Scene with Natural Stone Effect Wallpapers: Wallpapers with natural stone decor and their lively structure are a perfect fit for modern, straightforward furnishings with clear forms. For this purpose, choose home textiles in natural colours, which pick up the colours of the wallpaper; powerful, intense colours complement the stone wall design as well, as they form a nice contrast to the subtle natural tones.
  2. Modern Loft Atmosphere Made Easy: Wallpaper designs with open masonry, combined with the right furnishing, bring the charm of a modern loft-style flat to your home in a breeze. Combine furniture and decorative objects in the trendy industrial style look with steel, wood and plastic.
  3. Stone - an Imposing Backdrop: It is best to design only individual walls in a room with stone decor, otherwise the design’s succinct effect will be lost. You could choose a large wall in your living room, the open stairway or a large kitchen wall.
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