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Do you want the color of your new decor to match your home exactly but think that simply painting it the same would be too structureless and boring? Then explore the world of possibilities in our paintable wallpaper selection – you won’t be disappointed! With paintable wallpaper, you are free to make the walls any color you choose, while still enjoying the structure and textures that come along with wallpaper. Not to mention, they are super simply to hang! more
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What Makes Paintable Wallpapers so Special?

Paintable wallpapers have the advantage that you get to pick their exact color and thus, will never need to settle for imperfection when attempting to match other rooms or furnishings. But unlike simply painting, your walls will be much more visually interesting due to the diverse structures, textures and patterns that wallpaper can offer to add depth to your walls. Some wallpapers even have details that are only visible after painting! With these, patterning on the wallpaper is done with a hydrophobic coating so that color gradient or contrasting patterns can be created.

Not only does paintable wallpaper have awesome aesthetic features, but also many practical ones. Due to the thick non-woven material that paintable wallpaper is made of, it is incredibly durable and low-maintenance so that even in high-traffic spaces, you can enjoy chic décor. Also available are designs with special features such as sound absorption and water resistance (depending on the paint used).

Best of all, you will find paintable wallpaper to be easy and uncomplicated to hang. Unlike paper wallpapers that require careful soaking times, with paintable wallpapers, you can simply paste the wall directly and stick the dry wallpaper up to it. Then, when it’s time for a change, removal is just as easy and doesn’t damage the wall below. It is also worth mentioning that paintable wallpaper requires much less paint to cover than a regular wall and this could be an important factor when working on a tight budget.

Variety of Patterns, Structures und Textures

Paintable wallpaper comes in a wide range of styles. From delicate textile structures or fine grain wood looks to modern geometric graphics or Baroque flourishes, there truly is something for everyone.

One especially interesting look is our paintable wallpaper with patterning done with real quartz sand that produces a tangible, natural feeling texture and a pleasingly soft sparkle in the light.

All paintable wallpapers come in white and too make life even easier, many are even available precolored

3 Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Harmonic Color Combinations:

    Paintable wallpapers are ideal for working in rooms with a solid color scheme because you can make them whatever color you need. One failproof strategy for designing a room is to pick feature walls that will be done in a more powerful color and pair this with more neutral colors like grey or beige on the other walls. The contrast is very pleasing to the eye.

  2. Mixing Textures Elegantly:

    Choose paintable wallpapers with different patterns or textures, but paint them the same color. This is an ingenious way to achieve harmony without letting things get boring.

  3. Playing with Light and Shadows:

    Due to the especially structured nature of paintable wallpaper, a lot can be achieved with the right lighting. With this in mind, consider highlighting your wallpapered wall with LED strips placed on the floor or ceiling. Go for diffused lighting to illuminate the structure of the wallpaper over harsh spotlight, of course.

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