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Monochrome Wallpaper

So much more than just colour: With impressive surface finishes, such as metallic lustre, relief structures and glittering stones, our solid-coloured wallpapers bring very special WOW effects onto your walls. With their monochrome colour scheme, they truly are combination miracles: with matching patterned wallpapers, you can create interesting contrasts, accentuate right to the point and make your rooms varied and lively. more
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Product Range: Rapture of Colours and Effects

In addition to their broad colour palette, our solid-coloured wallpapers capture you with their extraordinary structures and finishes: sparkling glitter particles, shiny metal surfaces, fine textile structures and refined designs in crease or crush optics conjure fascinating effects, changing with the incidence of light. Solid-coloured wallpapers are also a perfect complement to wallpapers with patterns. Many manufacturers offer purposefully matching patterned and solid-coloured wallpapers, which let you design your rooms in a balanced mixture of quiet and vivid walls.

Special Gems: (In)Tangible Noble and Luxurious Surface Finishes

For glamorous elegance and a touch of Hollywood in your own four walls, choose a very extravagant variant, our effect wallpapers and wall panels with rhinestones and glittering stones.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. It’s glittering and sparkling so splendidly: Draw attention to your solid-coloured wallpapers with glitter and sparkle finishes with selective lighting. Make use of a tall floor lamp or deliberate illumination with spot lights for magically fantastic light effects on your wall.
  2. Colours galore: Differently coloured wallpapers in one room - why not? The colourful range of our solid-coloured wallpapers invites you to use different colour variations in one room. By combining complementary colours, such as blue and orange or yellow and violet, you create a lively living environment; if you like it more harmonious and quieter, choose neighbours from the colour circle, such as yellow orange, red orange or yellow green.
  3. Colourful room dividers: With solid-coloured wallpapers in different colours, you can easily divide larger rooms into individual living areas. In this way, you can enjoy the lightness of an open-plan living space and at the same time design and decorate every room individually.
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