Scandinavian Wallpaper

Long ranked the happiest countries in the world, the Scandinavians often credit their ‘Hygge’ lifestyle. Hygge is all about creating a homey and comfortable environment to foster the feeling of togetherness with family and friends, as well as, a place to relax and practise wholesome activities like reading, knitting and sipping warm drinks under a blanket. This Scandi-style is minimalist, but doesn’t shoot for perfection and can even look a little shabby chic or rustic. more
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Making Minimalism Feel Warm

To many, Scandinavian interiors are the embodiment of minimalism. However, it’s important to realize that minimalist style comes in several different types. While opting for a lighter and airier colour palette, it’s crucial to not make the space feel sterile or clinical if you are to pull-off the perfect Scandi-style interior. Everything need not be blank canvas white. Play with different textures and pattern to bring some subtle character to the space; wallpaper is perfect for this. Avoid clutter and vanity pieces, and instead, decorate with what brings you joy and makes the space feel most like home.

Capturing Hygge at Home

Hygge is philosophy and way of life. It’s the feeling of comfort, togetherness and home. It’s all about practising mindfulness and appreciating the small things in life; indulgence over extravagance. Basics and tranquillity are cornerstones of the hygge idea, but more importantly, it’s about hominess and character, so choose a simple wallpaper with little details that reflect your personality. Bring nature into your home with a faux wood wallpaper or a dainty floral, and forget about perfection and decorate with worn shabby chic designs.

Choosing Non-woven or Paper Material

The main difference between non-woven and paper wallpapers is in the ease of application and removal. Non-woven wallpaper is easy to hang as you can apply the paste directly to the wall without any soaking time and it can also be easily removed while completely dry. Paper is much more affordable for those on a budget, but it also requires more work to hang as the paper must soak in the paste before hanging (where it will also expand in size) and it will also be much more difficult to remove. Both have their pros and cons!

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