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Retro Wallpaper

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Specials: Retro Design Wall Art and Wall Stickers

An absolute eye-catcher are our wall art and wall stickers. With unusual and colourful graphics and symbols they reflect times gone by and are particularly suited for designing individual walls.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. The right combination: Keep your decor in the colour scheme of the wallpaper by taking up the same colour shades for carpets and home textiles. Wallpapers in bright and intensive colours show off white furniture perfectly: a 70s-look wallpaper in a striking pattern with white plastic furniture for example create a stylish lounge atmosphere in your living room before you know it.
  2. Less is More: If you prefer it less shrill, you can also just decorate individual walls with different retro wallpapers in strong patterns and work with solid-colour wallpapers in the same colour scheme on the other walls.
  3. The Mix is what Matters: Combine the past and present – old design classics in retro style next to modern furniture have a very special appeal. Make use of contrasts deliberately by combining different materials and surfaces, such as smooth metal with textured wood.
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