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Floral Wallpaper

Flowers symbolize the awakening of nature in spring; they delight us not only in the garden, but also as a gift, as a fragrant and colourful decoration, on cushions, curtains and tablecloths and, of course, on wallpaper. Would you like a romantic meadow of scattered flowers in the bedroom or would you like to give your living room a noble flair with extravagant flowers in gold? With our flower wallpapers in different designs and colours, your every dream of blossoms comes true. more
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Product Range: Flower Patterns and Designs for Every Taste

A wide range of flower vines, small floral patterns, sumptuous ornaments or filigree drawings - our range of products in the field of flower wallpapers offers the widest range of shapes and decors and for certain leaves nothing to be desired. The colours also range from bright and colourful designs to gentle pastel tones – you will find something for every style and taste.

Special Features: Floral Wall Panels and Wall Pictures as Eyecatchers in Your Room

A whole room in flower design is too restless for your tastes? Then you should take a look at our self-adhesive wall panels; they are simple to install, bring variety into your room with their chic motifs and can be combined very well with quieter wallpaper designs. Special highlights are our exceptionally designed murals. They allow you to transform individual walls into larger than life-sized paintings.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Make two out of one: With stucco mouldings, you can not only create elegant finishes, but also set the scene effectively by dividing your walls into several areas. For this, divide the wall into two surfaces of the same size and cover the top with a decorative flower wallpaper. The lower surface can be kept subtler, with a monochrome wallpaper, picking up a colour of the flower wallpaper. A stucco moulding at the intersection between them gives it all an elegant appearance and acts as a decorative frame.
  2. Floral combination variety: Filigree and delicate floral patterns match very well with the romantic country house style decor with light pastel colours and lots of wood. Large floral ornaments with shiny surface effects can be combined very well with nostalgic vintage and art nouveau furniture. If the wallpaper pattern is very colour intensive and lively, you should rather choose quiet decor and provide balance with uniform colouring and natural tones
  3. Floral Picture Wall with Wallpaper Motifs: With flower wallpapers, you can wonderfully design a creative picture wall. With different floral designs in picture frames of the most diverse shapes and sizes, your wall becomes an artistic highlight in the room
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