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Nautical Wallpaper

Imagine the sound of ocean waves crashing outside your window and the feeling of salty coastal air loosening every muscle in your body. Conjure this relaxed feeling of beach life, waterfront cottages and sailing trips with our selection of nautical wallpapers – the perfect getaway wallpaper for bathrooms and living rooms alike. more
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The Colours of the Coast

Decorating in a nautical theme can be as easy as following a seaside inspired colour palette; it’s easy to overdo it when using literal symbols like anchors, fish and sail boats. To represent water, blue or green is a must whether it’s a tranquil dark blue, a playful seafoam green or a rather trendy duck egg blue or minty teal. To complement the water element, consider pairing it with touches of beachy sand inspired beige.

Shabby Chic or Perfectly Polished?

Maritime looks can go in two opposite directions: the more rustic shabby chic look, or the perfectly polished skipper feel. To complete the more rustic look, we’ve included faux worn wood wallpapers, because chores have no place in your relaxation time! However, if the fancy yacht life if more your style, we recommend decorating with clean even stripes or a graphic wallpaper!

Choosing Non-Woven or Paper Material

The main difference between non-woven and paper wallpapers is in the ease of application and removal. Non-woven wallpaper is easy to hang as you can apply the paste directly to the wall without any soaking time and it can also be easily removed while completely dry. Paper is much more affordable for those on a budget, but it also requires more work to hang as the paper must soak in the paste before hanging (where it will also expand in size) and it will also be much more difficult to remove. Both have their pros and cons!

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