Concrete Wallpaper

The raw concrete walls of old industrial plants are very popular not only as backdrops for street style fashion photo shootings, but also because of their puristic and unconventional effect. Of course, you do not have to move into a factory to enjoy this urban flair; it's easily achieved with our wallpapers, which instantly give your apartment the atmosphere of a modern loft. more
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Product Range: Many Shades of Grey …

Raw, unplastered concrete slabs, masonry made of square concrete blocks or rough concrete walls with visible traces of weathering and cracks reminiscent of old industrial halls - the motifs of our concrete wallpapers are multifaceted and suitable for many residential areas: transform your study into a modern office with alluring atmosphere or give your living room an original industrial look - with these wallpapers you are absolutely in line with the trend.

Specialties: Photo Wallpapers with Character

More than a grey concrete wall: our concrete effect wallpapers are photographic masterpieces and create the illusion of real concrete walls. With their detailed motifs, highlighting the essentials of the material and the rough surface structures of some models, they create a striking three-dimensional spatial effect.

Three Design-Tips from Tapeto

  1. Urban Industrial Look: High metal shelving, large hanging lamps reminiscent of machine halls and a long worktable made of untreated wood - all set in scene skilfully in front of a photo wall in concrete design for the perfect industrial style office.
  2. Shabby Chic Interior: For the shabby chic interior style, combine weathered brick wall with vintage-style furniture. The accessories may also show signs of use: rust, scratches and chipped porcelain are purposeful indications of the transience of things.
  3. Modern Loft Feeling: A drum kit in the middle of the room, a bicycle leaning casually against the wall, a bed of wooden pallets against the backdrop of a bare concrete wall – anything with a bit of an unwanted and “handmade” look wonderfully matches the unconventional loft design with street style character.
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