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Classic wallpaper

Discover the timeless elegance of our classic wallpapers! With their delicate and filigree ornaments, decorative and floral patterns and striking stylistic elements from the classical period, each room becomes a unique gem. Shimmering and sparkling refinement effects and sumptuous, noble structures ensure glamorous moments and the admiring glances of your guests. more
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Product range: Elegant noblesse and plain charm

These wallpapers just have class! Their patterns range from romantically playful floral decors to golden shining high fashion designs; some designed by well-known fashion tsars such as Versace and Glööckler, they could hardly be topped in finesse. With bright colours and muted tones such as brown, dark red and anthracite, the classic wallpaper motifs offer a wide range of combination possibilities for setting up your rooms.

Specialties: Murals by famous painters

As if you stood right in the Sistine Chapel: with impressive, large-scale wall paintings by famous artists such as the L'Odalisque Blonde by Francois Boucher or the Allegory of Love by Agnolo Bronzino, you can wallpaper individual walls all-over and conjure up the flair of a room-filling wall painting.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Of castles and palaces: With the pompous motifs of our classic wallpapers, the home style of the English country nobility can be perfectly imitated. This includes, of course, stucco mouldings on the walls, large golden shining chandeliers as well as nostalgic and ornate furniture and home textiles.
  2. Classic meets modern: Our classic style wallpapers can also wonderfully be combined with modern furniture – as is well-known, opposites attract : with individual design classics and simple furniture, you create an exciting and stylish effect for your room.
  3. Set in the right light: Large-area murals are all the more imposing and impressive, the more dramatic the chosen lighting is. Small spots are very suitable for this purpose, which you can attach to the floor or to a ceiling strip so that the artwork is accentuated by diffuse light.
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