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Baroque Wallpaper

Noblesse sends its regards! With magnificent patterns and playful ornaments, our baroque wallpapers bring extravagance and luxury to your own four walls. With their metallic, glittering and shimmering surfaces, they add glamorous elegance to each room. Velvety, relief-like structures and noble gold, bronze and earth tones transform your bedroom and living room into luxurious chambers in the style of the opulent baroque style palaces. more
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Product Range: An Abundance of Designs and Colours awaits you here

We love ornaments - you too? Then our baroque wallpapers are just right for you; for here filigree patterns and lush floral ornaments from blossoms, leaves and tendrils take centre stage - a must for any lover of extraordinary room design. Loud and extravagant or rather quiet and noble? In addition to rich red, brown and lilac tones, often interwoven with gold and silver, like the typical baroque brocades, our palette also includes delicate pastel tones and monochrome wallpapers which, by their expressive patterns alone, appear very elegant. You will find something for all tastes here.

Materials: The Characteristics of our Baroque Wallpapers

You will not only want to look at these wallpapers, but also touch them, as they are made with distinctive materials. The combination of contrasting surface structures – velvety and rough, smooth and structured – makes the baroque wallpapers not just a visual but also a haptic experience. With their shining and shimmering patterns, they even conjure unique light effects into the room.

Three Design-Tips from Tapeto

  1. How to find the Right Furnishing: Baroque wallpapers harmonise excellently with antique furniture but also with design classics of different epochs. However, you should not exaggerate, remember, "less is more". Thus, a single antique chest or an extravagant design lamp in front of an eye-catching baroque wallpaper looks much more stylish than an accumulation of too many expressive pieces of furniture in a narrow space. Modern, simple furniture is also very suitable for Baroque wallpapers, as the shiny and clear surfaces create a refined contrast to the nostalgic patterns.
  2. Stucco Mouldings for even more Elegance: Combine our Baroque Wallpapers with stucco mouldings – for an added touch of elegance.
  3. Set Accents: Especially for smaller rooms it makes sense to not design all walls with the same wallpaper. Set accents purposely on individual walls and combine striking patterns with monochrome wallpapers from the same colour family.
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