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3D Wallpaper

Welcome to the realm of optical illusions and spatial and haptic worlds of experience! For all those who like it more spectacular and love the unusual, our 3D wallpapers are just the thing. Lose yourself in fascinating illusions and discover the appeal of tangible surface structures – and all without the need for 3D glasses! more
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Product Range: Graphic 3D Motifs and Extravagant Relief Structures

Spatiality and spatial effect take centre stage here. Our 3D photo wallpapers with geometric shapes suggesting intricate nesting and casting exciting optical illusions on the wall, are highly modern and will amaze your guests. No less effective are our structured wallpapers with their depth effect, achieved by special materials and embossing.

Special Features: Haptic and Visible Elegance through Textile Embellishments

A very noble version of our 3D wallpapers are our fleece wallpapers with textile materials. With delicate decors such as borders and frills, they offer a very special haptic experience and lend a room nostalgic charm and tangible refinement.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Play with Light and Shadow: Increase the spatial effect of your relief wallpapers by means of sophisticated indirect lighting, for example, with concealed floor or ceiling spotlights .
  2. A Perfect Match: Our elegant textile decorations go very nicely with baroque furniture with shining fabrics or furnishings in romantic shabby chic style with curved shapes and frills.
  3. Consistent Appearance: Take up shapes and structures of your 3D wallpaper in your decor and decoration; combine, for instance, geometric wall motifs with angular and modern furniture, or wallpapers with round and decorative elements with matching spherical vases and lamps.
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