Shipping costs

Shipping within Germany mainland

  • free shipping beginning first roll
  • free sample service (up to 5 samples)

The shipment is usually handled directly by the manufacturers. You can find the estimated delivery time directly in the product descriptions. Deliveries are carried out from Monday to Friday.

Europe & International Shipping

  • free sample service worldwide (up to 15 samples)

Once we received your goods, shipment will be fulfilled by the selected parcel service. To calculate the final duration, please sum up runtime declared in article destription and runtime of freighter. This you can find in table after selecting your country (see selection box below). Please note that these transit times are average transit times provided by the parcel service providers. The table also shows the maximum possible shipping weight. If your total weight is higher, you need to place an additional order. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

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