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Wallpaper for Party Rooms

Now it’s time to set the mood for a party! Our party room wallpapers definitely create an air for celebration and act as an absolute eye-catcher on every wall. With their crazy designs, stylish patterns and iconic motifs, these wallpapers turn any drab space into a place of worship for never-ending party nights. Be it a trendy disco look or a more modern lounge style, these up-to-date wallpapers will impress your guests and you’ll be sure to be admitted into party royalty. more
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Product Range: Making a Mood with Lively Decors

Loud and absolutely iconic: the motifs found in our party room selection drench your party room in bright colors, they can splash psychedelic patterns on the walls or light up the room with glistening metal and glitter effects. From retro styled vinyl decor to neon disco balls, you’ll find everything here to impress your guests and make your party memorable.

Party Room Wallpaper – What You Should Know

In addition to a funky, party-friendly design, you should pay attention to the wallpaper material when choosing your party room wallpaper. It is important that the wallpaper is washable so that you can easily remove minor stains such as wine or cocktail splashes that land on the wall in a lively mood, without damaging your wallpaper. Depending on the temperament of your guests, an amount of impact resistance may also be desirable in your wallpaper. When buying a wallpaper, the care symbols shown in the shop will inform you about the properties of the material. Check out our blog post “Understanding Wallpaper Symbols“ for an in-depth explanation.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Impressive Lighing:

    Consider choosing a wallpaper with a special finish that will play off the fancy lighting at your parties. Sparkling glitter or metallic wallpapers will make guests feel like they are in a real disco.

  2. Mood on the Dancefloor:

    Colorful dots and neon patterns are perfect for creating a small dancefloor with a disco feel. To delineate different functional spaces, consider using a more attention grabbing wallpaper in your ‘dancefloor’ area while the rest of the room is decorated with a more subtle and chic wallpaper.

  3. Trendy Lounge Style:

    With an eye-catching retro design and a couple pieces of designer lounge style furniture, you’ll create an iconic chill-zone in the room. Cozy cube shaped chairs are the perfect trendy piece in this case. The look you achieve is stylish, modern and functional, giving your guests a chance to comfortably retreat from the dancefloor for a relaxed chat.

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