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Wallpaper for Commercial Spaces

Are you looking to decorate your space with wallpaper? Furnish your office building‘s foyer with impressive style, beautify a shop with chic wallpaper or equip a hotel with stylish and durable wallcoverings. Here you will find everything from simple durable wallpapers to high end wallpapers featuring LEDs. Design your space to welcome and impress your visitors and guests. more
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Product Range: The Right Wallpaper for Any Space

Our wide selection of wallpapers offers the range to suit any space from the quaintest of bistros tot he grandest of hotels. Add style and comfort to any space to make your surely feel welcome.

Simple solid color wallpapers are offered here, as well as, more extravagant wallpapers with special finishes or surfaces - for example, metallic looking wallpaper.

Various designer wallpapers are waiting to adorn the walls of your boutique or business, and provide a fashionable backdrop to your place of work.

For cafes, restaurants and reception rooms, our large scale murals can transform your space into a small gallery and wow your guests.

A absolute highlight are our exclusive LED wallpapers which have LEDs integrated throughout the design of the wallpaper and create impressive lighting in the room. This effect if enhanced by special surface finishes on the wallpaper and in some cases, real Swarovski crystals, gold platelets or glitter. Show off this new wallpaper technology in important rooms and go the extra mile to make an impression.

Commercial Wallpaper – What You Should Know

Wallpaper for commercial use not only needs to look amazing, but it should also be particularily durable and low maintenance considering it will be exposed to higher traffic and wear than wallpaper in a private home. Think oft he corridors of an office building or hotel – the constant coming and going of people naturally means droplets of water from wet umbrellas, the corners of briefcases knocking the walls or kids running their dirty fingers down the hall. As well, in spaces where public safety is concerned, there are often higher requirements that the wallpaper be an especially inflammable, etc. Therefore, when choosing your wallpaper, make sure to pay attention tot he care symbols. For an in depth explanation on the meaning oft he different symbols, be sure to check out our article “Understanding Wallpaper Symbols“.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Decorate a Foyer with a Mural:

    With a large format mural you can expressively stage your foyer. Place the mural in an area you would like to highlight, for example, by the guest seating or behind the reception.

  2. Unique Color Choice with Paintable Wallpaper:

    Enjoy creaive freedom when choosing the colors when using paintable wallpaper. Perfect when working with an exact color scheme – perfect match is now an option. Furthermore, with paintable wallpaper as opposed to only paint, you get a texture and added depth to the walls – it’s super easy to hang too!

  3. Create Spectacular Light Effects on the Wall:

    With our LED wallpapers you can create breathtaking ambiance. Perfect for spaces that host evening events like theatres or concert halls, these eye-catching wallpapers bring a sparkle to the program of the night.

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