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Wallpaper for Living Rooms & Bedrooms

Make your living room into a cozy retreat for family gatherings or a stylish lounge to impress your guests. When it comes to your bedroom, what about designing a calming sleeping oasis or a romantic cuddling room where you can enjoy your fairy tale dreams. Our selection of living room and bedroom wallpapers will help you bring your every desire to life. more
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Product Range: Wallpaper for Every Taste and Decoration Style

Whether monochrome or patterned, simple or colorful, opulent or subtle, modern or nostalgic, the designs in our living room and bedroom wallpaper selection will surely have you covered with their incredible variety.

Do you love extravagance? Then a striking ornamental wallpaper with a special surface or finish may be just what you’re looking for. This will give your home an exclusive touch of glamour that will elicit the admiring glances from all of your guests.

Do you prefer more natural looking materials in a warm living atmosphere? Then have a look at our wallpapers with the look of natural stone or wood. With their realistic photographic design, they are an easy way to create a natural coziness in any room, even if it’s not real.

If your style is more romantic, then your will definitely find it in our assortment of wallpapers for the living room and bedroom. Countless floral designs await you, with which you can turn your living room or bedroom into a retreat for dreaming or relaxing.

Of course, we also offer many modern geometric designs including stripes or dots and circles. If you prefer simple minimalistic decor, then a comprehensive color palette of plain or textured wallpapers awaits you.

Living Room and Bedroom Wallpaper– Spoiled for Choice?

To help you make the best choice amid such a wide selection, you should ask yourself a few questions: Does this wallpaper match my already existing decor? Can you imagine having this in your home for yours to come? What effect does this wallpaper have on you? Does it convey the mood you want in the room it will be in? Does this wallpaper create harmony or will it be too distracting to relax with?

The size of the room also plays a significant roll. In small rooms you should use large and concise patterns and opt for a single feature wall while the others might have a more simple, yet complementary wallpaper.

A small tip regarding color choice: cool blue tones in the bedroom should be used with caution as the cold effect can easily spread discomfort.

In the end, always follow your gut feelings and don’t let yourself be influenced with trends that you don’t 100% identify with.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Bedroom Feature Walls:

    The best place in a bedroom to create a feature wall is the wall directly behind the bed while the rest of the room is more subtly decorated, this way the attention-grabbing pattern won’t distract you from sleeping at night. This also serves the function of highlighting the main piece of furniture in this room; the bed!

  2. The Couch as a Focal Point:

    In the living room, the wall behind the couch is the best place to go wild with a fun wallpaper and create a highlighting wall. This draws your eyes to the most used space in the room, and while occupying this space like while reading or watching TV, you won’t be distracted by the wallpaper - a super way to create a harmonious feeling in this room.

  3. Harmonious Combinations:

    To achieve an overall harmonious effect in any room, it is important to coordinate the furnishings with the wallpaper. This applies not only to the styles, but also to the colors. This can be done by carrying colors from the wallpaper into other decor in your home like pillows, curtains and carpets.

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