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Wallpaper for Kids Rooms

Preparing the perfect space for your little darling or maybe you need to upgrade to a big-kid’s bedroom? Our nursery wallpapers offer appropriate motifs for all ages, from colorful animal worlds or romantic princess decors to exciting car designs or an urban graffiti look. Here, you'll find everything you need for a change of scenery in the nursery. more
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Product range: Diverse motifs for boys and girls of all ages

Any kid can find a favorite wallpaper with us! For the little ones, there are designs with cute animals, colorful flowers or even cars. All of our wallpapers have been lovingly made with creativity to create a cheerful environment and to stimulate the curiosity and imagination of your little one.

As kids grow older, they usually develop an interest in a hobby or role model like a super hero – we have wallpapers for that. We have wallpapers for boys who love football, cars or superheroes, and royal wallpaper fort he girls that dream of being princesses. But with our product range, you can find anything your heart desires from cool car designs or cartoon super heroes to photographic animal wallpapers or stars.

In addition to the huge variety of patterned wallpapers, our Children’s Room section also includes more plain wallpapers that you can combine with your statement piece. Design one or two walls with striking patterns and compliment them with color-coordinated monochrome wallpapers on the other walls. This will let you have fun walls without them becoming too overwhelming. We also offer matching borders! Just another option for you to decorate the perfect children’s room.

Children’s room wallpaper – robust and durable

A kid’s room can get pretty wild at times with toys flying across the room and all the horseplay that occurs. Think ahead and pick a wallpaper that is made of a durable and washable material. This makes it easier to remove stains and let your kids play worry-free.

Looking for a design that will last for years to come? Don’t worry about the colors fading as all of our wallpapers are equip with good light resistance, making them perfectly suited to you kid’s bright bedroom.

Wallpapering can be especially easy if you choose to use non-woven wallpapers! While this material can be slightly more expensive, it’s worth the time and hassle saved when you are busy with kids. When your kids outgrow the wallpaper, rest assured that a non-woven can be easily be removed dry to be replace with new exciting wallpaper! Hanging a non-woven is just as easy – simply paste the wall - no soaking or pasting tables required.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. How the little ones feel:

    The perfect wallpaper for your little ones will be one that is both calming and one that stimulates the imagination. Our colorful animal motifs or wallappers with planes and cars, for instance, are drawn with children in mind. Ideal for the creative minds for children, these wallpapers will encourage curious and imaginative dreamworlds. Try matching themes in the wallpaper with other decor in the room like the mobil or having color-coordinated pillows, curtains or carpets.

  2. Romantic girls rooms:

    Little girls love to pretend that they are a princess and our wallpapers might just convince them that they really are! Take a look at the wallpaper with lovehearts and butterflies, or a classic floral wallpaper. Any of these designs would be paired fantastically with ruffled curtains. Your daughter will be thrilled!

  3. Stylish boys rooms :

    When your little boy finally outgrows the cute and playful motifs, consider redesigning with an urban graffiti wallpaper or a faux stone design. Trendy now is combining these with furniture like a pallet bed to totally transform the room from a nursery to a hip youth loft. Definitely presentable for classmates and friends.

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