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Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Enough of the bare walls and cold atmosphere in the bathroom! With our bathroom wallpapers, you can turn any bathroom into a meditative wellness oasis in no time. There you will be able to simply emerse yourself and leave the stress of everyday life behind. If you want to relive your summer holidays, then consider our wallpaper adorned with a seashell motif. Absolutely deep relaxation is ensured by our photo wallpaper murals that feature breathtaking scenes of water, waves and the beach. more
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Product Range: Designs for relaxation and fun in the bathroom

Flowing waterfalls, bright shells or the underwater world of Disney’s Nemo and Dory – our bathrooms wallpaper section has it all. If you want to transform your bathroom into a relaxation retreat where you can unwind in a hot bath, then decorate with an atmospheric wallpaper mural. These are ideal for switching off and regenerating with the feeling that you are surrounded by the peacefulness of nature.

On the other hand, our cheerful comic motifs of the famous fish Nemo and Dory from Disney’s ‘Finding Nemo‘ or ‘Finding Dory‘ will make bath time fun. After transforming your bathroom into a fantastical underwater world, you little ones won’t want to get out of the bath.

Bathroom Wallpaper – What you should know

Certainly your bathroom is the room in the house with the most humidity. Additionally, splashing water form the sink or shower are also a hazard for wallpaper. However, in most cases wallpapering a bathroom is not a problem as long as a few basic things are considered. For instance, your chosen wallpaper should be highly resistant to water and be scrubable. This way, water hitting the surface of the wallpaper won’t cause damage and stains such as toothpaste or soap can be wiped clean. Make sure to check a wallpapers care symbols before buying and read our article, “Wallpaper Symbols Explained,” for an in-depth explanation of all the symbols.

Vinyl wallpaper with a polyester fabric backing is ideal for the bathroom. For more helpful tips and tricks on wallpapering wet or humid spaces, see our blog post “Can I Wallpaper my Bathroom?“ .

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Creating a Wellness Oasis:

    A large format photographic wallpaper mural on the wall or door featuring nature will bring peace and relaxation to the bathroom. Placing plants in the room (if your lucky enough to have some natural light) will only magnify this feeling. There are many types of plants that will thrive in the humidity oft he bathroom.

  2. Making Small Bathrooms Look Big:

    Especially in small spaces, a photographic wallpaper mural is fantastic for visually creating the illusion of space. Decorate the remaining walls in light pastel colors as these will make the room appear to be bigger and brighter than it actually is.

  3. Relax Like You’re on Vacation:

    Wallpapers featuring sand and sea shells allow those holiday vibes to continue year-round. As accessories, glass vases filled with real sand and shells from your last vacation will compliment this the walls nicely – you could even get a beach themed shower curtain. Indulge yourself with holiday memories while you soak in a hot bath and dream of the next destination.

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