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Window Stickers

Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or children's room - window stickers are the perfect way to decorate your walls individually and creatively. Bring everlasting spring mood with cute birds on blossoming twigs to your home, create summery gaiety with colourful flower pots , or transform the windows in the children's room into giant picture books that tell magical fairy tales and exciting adventures. more
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Product range: Colourful variety for young and old

In addition to numerous drawn motifs for the children's room such as Nemo, Winnie the Pooh and Disney's princesses and fairies, our range also offers a variety of motifs for adults: from cool cocktails for the kitchen bar to romantic butterflies for the bedroom, you can find all that here and much more.

Specialties: Reusable decoration for all glass surfaces

Our window stickers cling to all glass surfaces such as windows, mirrors and shower cubicles. They are made of vinyl and are therefore very robust, can be removed at any time without residue and can be reused, just as you please.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. A fairy tale mirror for the girl's room: Our fabulous motifs from movies like Frozen or Cinderella are the perfect decoration for a romantic mirror in the girls' room. Your little daughter will feel like a princess when she makes herself pretty in front of it, just like her role models from Disney's fairy tale world.
  2. Colourful Stories for the Children's Room: With our window stickers, you can also turn the children's windows into fantastic fairy tale landscapes that tell stories and invite them to daydream. In our assortment, you will find suitable wallpapers for most of the motifs, so that you can create a coherent dream and fantasy world.
  3. Window decoration and bird protection, all in one: . Do you have large glass surfaces without curtains, which birds often are headed for? Then our pretty window stickers are perfect for you. They look a lot more attractive than conventional bird protection stickers, keep incoming birds away and are a pretty decoration for your windowpanes at the same time.
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