Star Wars

Futuristic, spectacular and outright cult - our Star Wars wall tattoos are not only popular among young science fiction fans, they also are a sight in every room. Whether sombre Darth Vader helmet, luminous light sabers , courageous Jedi knights or life-sized master Yoda - with these motifs, the exciting spirit of alien worlds and distant galaxies invades your home. more
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Product range: Legendary figures and spaceships as exceptional wall decorations

The motifs of our wall tattoos range from photorealistic figures like the stormtroopers or master Yoda, the android R2D2 and light sabers up to expressive comics and illustrations of daring heroes of the resistance and gigantic spaceships. A must for all lovers of the legendary Star Wars Saga.

Special feature: Versatile use possibilities

Our Star Wars wall tattoos not only stick to walls; you can give a cool science fiction look to furniture and windows as well. The self-adhesive vinyl stickers are very sturdy and easy to remove and re-use. So, they are also the ideal gift idea for confirmed Star Wars fans. May the force be with you!

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Modern science fiction world in the room: Choose furnishings that match the futuristic visions of the sticker motifs, such as glossy surfaces in white or black and furniture or decorative elements made of plastic and metal.
  2. Futuristic lighting: Increase the spatial depth effect of the photorealistic wall tattoos by setting the scene with indirect lighting. Spotlights on the floor or in the ceiling are suitable for this purpose.
  3. Cool combinations: The galactic future worlds and the visionary figures of the Star Wars stickers perfectly fit to clear colours such as grey, dark blue and white for walls and home textiles
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