Make a statement! Whether humour, profound sayings or well-known quotes - our wall tattoos with sayings are absolutely hip and have a very special force of expression. They can help you motivate yourself and visually express your own life philosophy, world outlook or your kind of humour in a very special way. more
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Product range: Sayings for every kind of mood and taste

Here you can find sayings for dreaming, sayings full of worldly wisdom, smart quotes from well-known personalities and sayings that simply brighten your mood and conjure up a smile on the lips of every reader; set in vibrant letters, colourful and striking or beautifully illustrated - each saying is implemented in a unique way and in any case an eye candy.

Specialties: Varied decoration possibilities and easy handling

With our wall tattoos, you can not only embellish your walls with humorous phrases and wise words, but also adorn furniture, doors and windows, as they adhere to all smooth surfaces. Almost all of the stickers can be repositioned over and over again, and, of course, be removed without residue.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Start the new morning well in your kitchen: As is it, the early morning time is rather much associated with stress and hustle and bustle. How pleasant it is then to be received with a cheerful morning greeting in your kitchen. Choose one of our life-affirming and motivating wall tattoo sayings and place it, for instance, directly above the coffee machine - your morning hours are guaranteed to start with a smile much more often.
  2. Gift yourself happy moments: Why not even compliment yourself for once? The days are already overflowing with criticism and annoyances, after all. Reward yourself with an inspiring saying, for example over the couch or the bed – for a motivation boost in the mornings or to forget the stress of everyday life in the evenings.
  3. A cheerful welcome for your guests: You love visitors? Then how about showing your guests already when they enter your place how delighted you are with their visit. A wall tattoo with a welcome greeting makes every hall immediately much homelier.
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