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You want to let a butterflies swarm flutter through the room? Plant a colourful flower meadow behind the sofa? Enjoy the sight of cheerful birds through the window every day? With our wall tattoos, you can fulfil these wishes in no time. Here, many colourful and cheerful motifs are waiting to revive your empty walls and transform them into fantastic dream worlds and creative havens of peace. more
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Product range: Motifs full of zest for life and inspiration

Blossoms, flowers and twigs, growing up your wall life-like, playful and lovely drawings and cartoons of funny animals are waiting for you here. But also silhouettes of far-away countries that arouse the travel bug or, in short, motifs that fascinate young and old and embellish every wall.

Special feature: Reusable and versatile wall decoration

With our wall tattoos, there are no limits for your creativity. Decorate your walls, doors, windows or furniture as you like, and best of all: the stickers are not only easy to install, but also easy to remove so that you can always re-decorate and create new living environments anytime.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Get Creative: Get inspired to new decoration possibilities by our wall tattoos. Sticker motifs with bird branches, for example, you can complement with small bird houses, which can be used as wall hooks: an absolute eyecatcher in every hallway.
  2. Bring the flair of foreign countries to your home: The dark silhouettes with distant travel motifs are very suitable in combination with monochrome bases such as earth colours or cool blue shades. Choose furniture and decorative elements matching the depicted country, thus creating a harmonious living space design with style.
  3. A fun splish splash world in the bathroom: With sticker motifs like our droll bathing ducks or fish and underwater worlds, you can transform the bathroom into a lively bathing oasis with lots of bubbly fun. Your child will love it.
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