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All children love stickers - the bigger the better! And it is a very special fun to decorate your own children's room and transform it into a fascinating and colourful dream and adventure world. Whether an exciting circus ring, cuddly teddy bears or a colourful underwater world – our wall tattoos for children simply are fun and bring lots of variety into the children’s room. more
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Product range: Varied sticker motifs for boys and girls

Cute ponies, cuddly little sheep, colourful flowers, trendy comic figures and cool cars - the motifs of our wall tattoos for children offer everything that makes the hearts of the little ones beat faster. The wall stickers can be easily mounted on all smooth surfaces and are also suitable for decorating furniture, windows and doors. This way, you can perfectly match the wall design and interior design in the children's room.

Specialties: Funny wall stickers as a yardstick

There is nothing more exciting than watching one´s own children grow. With our cheerful wall sticker yardsticks , you will not only paint the walls in gaudy and vibrant colours, but you can also keep a record of the growth of your children in a particularly creative way.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Symphony of colour in the Children's Room: The wall tattoos look even more beautiful with furnishings in a matching colour scheme. Match the colours of the pillows, curtains and carpets in the children's room to the wall stickers as far as possible to achieve a harmonious overall picture.
  2. Bubbly fun in the bathroom: Our wall tattoos made of vinyl stick also on tiles, of course. With these, you can turn the bathroom into a fun underwater world and your child can enjoy bathing twice as much.
  3. Create a walk-in picture book: Why not turn the children's room into a walk-in picture book by combining several sets of stickers, such as a farm on one wall, a construction site on the next, and a circus on another. This way, your child will never get bored and you can use the colourful motifs as a stimulus for telling, or listening to, imaginative stories.
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