Whether the bubbly Nemo, the clumsy Winnie the Pooh, the daring Dusty, the brave firefighter Sam or the charming Cinderella - our Disney wall tattoos bring the popular characters from Disney's films to the children's rooms and paint exciting scenes full of adventure, fairy tale magic, action, friendship and harmony on the walls. Heroes, princesses and favourite animals are close enough to touch and accompany your child into fantastic dream worlds. more
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Product range: Disney stickers full of magic, friendship and adventure

From Pooh, the cuddly bear, via the funky and lively mice Mickey and Minnie, through to charming princesses such as Belle and Cinderella or admirable action heroes like Spiderman and Captain America - here you will find a large selection of motives and figures from Disney’s Films and comics. Our extensive sets contain a multitude of coordinated stickers that you can easily and flexibly attach and combine and arrange as you wish.

Specialties: For more than walls and windows

With our wall tattoos, you can give a colourful and cheerful boost to more than walls and windows; furniture, as well, can be decorated creatively. Using wall tattoos, you can design the much longed-for princess bed or a cool Spiderman cupboard without much cost and effort.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. The perfect combination: For almost all Disney wall tattoos, you will find a thematically matching wallpaper in our assortment. With a large-sized photo wallpaper and the corresponding wall tattoos on the furniture or windows, the children's room becomes a dreamlike Disney world, where everything is about your little dreamer’s favourite figure.
  2. For creative wielders of paintbrushes: You can achieve an especially individual wall design when you paint the background for the wall tattoos yourself; for example, a wild race track for the fast-paced racing cars from Disney's Cars, or an airy cloud world for the heroes of the skies from the film Planes.
  3. Room design done just right: Choose home textiles in the children's room to match the colours of the wall tattoos, like a blue carpet for Arielle and Nemo or green curtains for the jungle and forest scenes from The Lion King and Bambi. Like this, the entire children's room becomes a world of experience.
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