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LED Wallpaper

You love the extraordinary and would like to stage your rooms in a very special way and without great effort? Then our LED wallpapers are just right for you. With this innovative combination of fascinating light effects and extravagant designs, you create an illuminating spatial effect, which puts everything in the shade and astounds your guests. more
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Product Range: Innovative Technology and Luxurious Designs

Imaginative sculptures with spatial depth effect and perfect illusions of real lights - the original designs of our LED wallpapers range from modern shapes to playful, filigree and fairy-tale-like structures. The integrated LEDs provide impressive lighting effects and increase the noble effect of the shiny surface finishes with Swarovski crystals, gold plates or glitter particles. And the wallpapering is just as simple as with conventional fleece wallpapers and requires no special equipment or qualified personnel.

Specialties: Individual Designs and Finishes

We will make you perfectly happy with these wallpapers if you wish to be creative and have a say. You want an individual setting of LEDs or additional crystals? No problem. The refinement of the LED wallpapers is done in filigree manual work, so that every wallpaper is already one of a kind as is.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Harmonious combinations: In our assortment, you will find matching single-colour wallpapers that you can combine wonderfully to our LED wallpapers to design your four walls in a balanced and harmonious way.
  2. Awesome effects for big rooms: Our LED wallpapers are especially well suited for bigger rooms like living room, foyer and entrance hall, as here they can fully unfold their spatial depth effect and plasticity.
  3. Everything breathes perfection: You can simply hide the cables of the LED wallpapers behind the skirting board so that the enchanting effect of the lighting and the elegance of the wall decoration seem like magic.
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