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On this page we publish answers to frequently asked questions. We want to make the ordering procedure easier for you and make the order processing transparent. In addition, we receive many questions concerning wallpaper, e.g. how to calculate the required number of rolls, handling and processing of wallpapers or where to find the batch number. Here, you will not only get an insight into the ordering process, but also find specific answers on the subject of wallpapers to make you optimally equipped for your wallpapering project.

  • Order

    If you wish to cancel an order, please contact us by phone or e-mail! Out of our opening hours, please write an email as soon as possible so that we can stop the dispatch of the goods.
    IMPORTANT: If the goods are already on their way to you (you are informed about that by mail), please additionally decline the acceptance of the shipment in order to avoid return costs.

    We are capable to supply almost every wallpaper. We always try hard to offer our customers the widest selection of wallpapers in our shop. However, there are some brands or collections that we cannot offer on our website. If you are looking for a very specific wallpaper, please feel free to contact us. Please tell us the manufacturer and article number or send us a photo or a link of the article desired. Usually we can send you a non-binding offer for the wallpaper you are looking for within a few business days.

    Yes, of course, you can reorder single rolls. Please refer to our instructions for reordering wallpaper (batch number and colour deviations).

    No. You can also order in our shop as a guest. Place the desired articles in the shopping cart, click "Go to checkout" and then on the button "Order as a guest". Alternatively, you can easily register via Facebook. The system automatically collects all relevant data from your Facebook account.

    Yes, we have already created many customized products. Please contact us and let us know details of your project or ideas.

    No, there is no minimum order quantity. We deliver from the smallest possible unit (a roll or a border) free of charge within Germany. The shipping costs for other countries can be found in the shipping costs table. Of course, the exact shipping costs are also shown during the ordering process.

    Please contact us. We also can accept your order by e-mail. Please let us know the articles desired and their quantity (also by link) as well as your address, billing address and your preferred method of payment.

    Manufacturers produce wallpapers in different series. The colours are redesigned for each series, which results in minimal colour deviations between different batches.


    For reorders we usually need the production and / or batch number of the wallpaper purchased, because only with rolls that have completely identical coding it can be guaranteed that the colour and structure actually match. You can find the production and / or batch number of your wallpaper on the delivery note, the instruction leaflet of the wallpaper roll or on the label of the product received.


    This is particularly important when the reordered rolls are wallpapered directly next to already existing strips (identical wall). If, however, the reordered rolls are to be hung to a new wall, any colour deviations are generally no longer perceptible due to shadow effects in the corners.

    In rare cases it may happen that the manufacturer is temporarily unable to supply the wallpaper you desired. As we pass on the order to the manufacturer for the delivery of the wallpapers only after receipt of payment, it may occur in exceptional cases that the wallpaper ran out of stock at the manufacturer during this time. In this case, we will immediately inform you when the manufacturer can actually deliver your wallpaper.


    Usually, this affects less than 0.5% of all orders. In this case you can decide whether you want to wait until the delivery can take place or choose a different wallpaper. If, however, you wish to withdraw from the purchase, we will immediately cancel your order, refund the money without any deductions and without any further queries.

  • Payment & Shipping

    You can find details on the methods of payment following here. In any case, you can choose between prepayment, PayPal and credit card (Mastercard, VISA). In some countries is also immediate money transfer possible. This payment option is available in following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belium, France, Netherland, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

    You can find detailed information on the delivery time directly on the article pages. For international delivery packages, please add delivery time from article page to delivery times in the following table. If you need your goods at a specific date, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

    In rare cases, it may happen that selected methods of payment do not work or payments are not authorized. As we are working with external service providers at this point, we have no direct control of the payment process. Please contact us if something is not working properly. Together we will find a solution.

    We deliver free of charge within Germany! The costs for deliveries to other countries depend on size and weight of the items as well as the selected shipping carrier. During the ordering process, the current shipping costs are displayed. Alternatively, you can use the following link to get more information about shipping costs.

    If you receive a package that is visibly damaged, please decline acceptance or let you confirm the damage by signature. Please send us a photo of the damage and check the goods. We will then contact the manufacturer immediately and will find a suitable solution in consultation with you, e.g. replacement or reimbursement.

    [The above points are not absolutely necessary and do not constitute a prerequisite for the exercise of the warranty right.]

  • Return

    Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered generally. To calculate the actual number of rolls, information such as wall height and width, pattern match, pattern repeat, possibly existing roof slopes, as well as recesses for doors and windows are decisive. For more detailed instructions on how to calculate, please refer to our wallpapering instructions. If you are not sure about this, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you in the calculation of the specific number of rolls.

    In general, it is not difficult to hang wallpaper on a clean and even surface. For some special products (for example, LED wallpapers, oversized wallpapers, etc.) or difficult wall surfaces, as well as wallpapering overhead (ceiling wallpapers), we recommend commissioning a professional. Of course, you can also try wallpapering yourself. With some artisan skills also more difficult areas can be managed. Please pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions (especially when attaching murals) and feel free to read our wallpaper instructions and wallpaper lexicon.

    Information about fire protection can be found directly in the article description. If you would like to receive further advice, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

    Did you notice a flaw before hanging the mural? Please send us a photo of the product and the faulty part, so we can find a solution together.
    In any case, please follow the exact instructions of the manufacturer for this particular wallpaper. It is very important to process the parts in the appropriate order. In addition, some products have to be glued overlapping and pulled into the "right fit" only on the wall. If you notice a mistake only after hanging the wallpaper, please send us a photo of the relevant part.
    Please note: some wallpapers stretch in pasted condition. If you then hold a dry strip next to a hung part, the parts do not match. However, this is normal. Please proceed with hanging the wallpaper according to instructions.
    However, you should make sure that the parts are hung straight. If necessary, check this with a water level before attaching other parts next to it. Even minimal deviations have a considerable effect on the overall picture.
    If you have processed everything according to manufacturer's instructions, the overall picture should be correct again.
    For a more detailed description with tips on the processing of murals, please refer to our wallpaper lexicon.

    Attention: Only in the rarest cases it is a production fault (the whole series would be faulty and the number of complaints for this article would be dramatically high. We would realize that quite quickly and the faulty batch would not be delivered any longer). In most cases, non-fitting parts are a result of an application error. Then we as retailer unfortunately cannot reimburse the amount of purchase.

    For wallpapers, you will find wallpapering instructions on the back of the wallpaper inserts (directly attached to the wallpaper rolls). For murals, you will find these information either on the packaging or on a separate slip of paper, which is enclosed with the product.

    These are features of wallpapers. More detailed explanations on this can be found in the wallpaper lexicon.

    The match of wallpapers describes, in connection with the pattern repeat, how single strips are to be glued side by side. The match is very important in order to be able to precisely determine the cut-off waste during the wallpapering process. Only in this way it is possible to order neither too little nor too many wallpaper rolls. More detailed information can be found in our wallpaper lexicon.

    The pattern repeat of wallpapers describes - in connection with the match - how single strips are to be glued next to each other. The pattern repeat is very important, in order to be able to exactly determine how much cut-off waste will result from wallpapering. Only in this way it is possible to order neither too little nor too many wallpaper rolls. More detailed information can be found in our wallpaper lexicon.

    Which tools are needed strongly depends on the products purchased. You can find more information about wallpapering tools in our wallpaper lexicon. If you are not sure beyond this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Wallpaper

    For orders within European Union you have the right to cancel your order within 14 days after receipt of the goods. In order to keep effort and shipping costs as low as possible, please contact us as soon as possible. For further information on your right of cancellation and the required proceedings, please click here.

    Right of recission valid for all ordes within European Union. Please use the original packaging and pack the goods properly to avoid any shipping damage. Please send your package to:

    Steffen Hannes, Tapeto®
    Friedrichshagener Str. 58
    12555 Berlin

    Please note, only unopened rolls (with intact foil) are eligible for full reimbursement. Murals must also be free from any bends or pinpricks and returned in undamaged original packaging.

  • Tapeto

    Yes. We at Tapeto have the opinion that small things also have a big impact and we always try hard to make the processes in the company as sustainable as possible. Further information on specific activities can be found here. If you are looking for sustainable wallpapers, use our filter to find certified wallpapers (for example, FSC, Blue Angel, etc.) or let us give you personal advice.

    As an online shop, we are a member of the retailer association. So we can guarantee that you always meet the highest quality standards and always keep up-to-date with legal requirements. In addition, we use SSL encryption to securely transfer your data. 10 years Tapeto and many thousands of satisfied customers prove that Tapeto is a very good choice.

    True to our motto: "No power to woodchip wallpapers", it is our mission to bring more colour and style onto German walls. Wallpaper is an underrated product. Only few people know how fast and how impressively one can change the whole atmosphere of a room with wallpaper. Once you've started to wallpaper, it's hard to stop!
    More information about Tapeto and our corporate philosophy can be found here.

    We at Tapeto set great value on perfect service. We offer you a wide selection of the best wallpapers (worldwide) and also deliver very fast and free of charge within Germany. But only in case of problems, the chaff of the online retailer separates from the wheat. If you order at Tapeto, you can count on being supported by us throughout your whole renovation process. Any questions or problems? We at Tapeto can help you - before, during and after your order!
    In addition, by purchasing from Tapeto, you support "the small trader" as well as our fair and sustainable corporate culture.

Your question was not included in our FAQ? Please contact us. We would be glad to help you!

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