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Mural no. 408 | Non-woven or Paper | graffiti wallpaper kids painting

Design Theme: graffiti wallpaper kids painting colorful pattern font

Top Quality Wallpaper Mural ✔

• Size won't change while hanging due to high quality, flexible non-woven material (only non-woven)
• Unique color brilliance due to multi-coated surface and special sealing
• Guaranteed colorfastness and UV resistance – won't fade even after years of direct light!
• Ethically Produced: Made in Europe

Environmentally Friendly and Safe ✔

• Ink is solvent free with no harmful emissions
• Hang with confidence in all living areas – of course including bedrooms and children's rooms.

Easy to Hang ✔

• Mural is hung in strips rather than tiles (Strip width: 50 cm, 92 cm or 104 cm depending on chosen size)
• Perfect fit without overlapping or size fluctuation (only non-woven)
• Simply apply the paste directly to the wall and hang the dry paper (only non-woven)
• Can even be hung over old wallpaper and will even hold on woodchip wallpaper! (only non-woven)


Available Sizes (Width x Height):
☑ 200x140 cm
☑ 254x184 cm
☑ 300x210 cm
☑ 350x245 cm
☑ 368x254
☑ 400x280 cm

Choose Your Material:
Premium non-woven ♥ or paper ♦


♦ Why Choose a Paper Mural?

Paper wallpaper murals are affordable, though a bit more difficult to hang and must be moistened to remove. To hang, paper material must be pasted and left to soak (for a precise amount of time) where it will expand to its full size. With only a little wallpaper hanging experience, installing a paper wallpaper is a breeze!

♥ Why Choose a Non-Woven Mural?

Non-woven wallpapers are a thicker, higher quality material than paper and popular due to easy hanging and removal. To hang a non-woven wallpaper, simply apply the paste to the wall and hang the dry wallpaper directly to it – no soaking time and no size fluctuation. To remove, a non-woven wallpaper can easily be stripped while dry from the wall. We recommend non-woven for wallpapering novices.

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