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With repeating ‘Print & Pattern’ murals you can get the look of a patterned wallpaper – but better! Often available in a single sheet, skip the hassle of lining up wallpaper strips and enjoy the flawless perfection of a seamlessly wallpapered wall! Not to mention that the super hot large-scale pattern wallpaper trend is now easier than ever to do.

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Trend Alert: Large Scale Wallpapers

While small regularly repeating wallpaper patterns are now considered to be more old fashioned, hugely trendy right now is wallpaper with gigantic design elements. Imagine larger-than-life flowers blossoming across your walls, consuming trippy psychedelic designs that look straight from a kaleidoscope or an overwhelmingly decedent demask design to make your home feel like a palace. You can have it all with ‘print and pattern’ murals.

Thinking Green with Patterned Murals

When hanging wallpaper, some are surprised to learn how much can get wasted in between strips in order to line up the pattern - the longer until a pattern is repeated, the worse this problem of waste can be. However, one great benefit of hanging a wallpaper mural (even if in the end it looks like wallpaper) is that you are given exactly as much as you need and nothing is wasted. The environment will thank you!

Choosing Non-woven or Paper Material

The main difference between non-woven and paper wallpapers is in the ease of application and removal. Non-woven wallpaper is easy to hang as you can apply the paste directly to the wall without any soaking time and it can also be easily removed while completely dry. Paper is much more affordable for those on a budget, but it also requires more work to hang as the paper must soak in the paste before hanging (where it will also expand in size) and it will also be much more difficult to remove. Both have their pros and cons!

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