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Murals guarantee breathtaking moments

The New York skyline with its skyscrapers probably belongs to one of the best-known murals of all time, closely followed by life-sized Neil Armstrong, who was portrait after landing on the moon. Especially in the 1970s, murals were particularly on the rise as a striking design element. Numerous German households decorated their walls with dreamlike beach motifs and fancy cars. Not only the basement party room was spiced up with this original wall decor. Also numerous living rooms should be exclusively beautified by wonderful murals. In the middle of the 1980s, however, the hype about the extraordinary wall design ceased abruptly, but why, no one can answer this question correctly today. The fans are all the more delighted that this classic wall design is back again. Since 2005 there has been an enormous increase in this retro style. Meanwhile, the murals are absolutely hip and blossom out to bestsellers.

Thanks to computer technology and high-quality printing techniques, the motifs are even more diverse and sensational. In addition to the bright colours, the murals impress with razor-sharp images. In our Tapeto-Online Shop for wallpapers you can admire numerous imprints. Get a Far Eastern flair in your own four walls. Whether bamboo, Buddha or gigantic waterfalls. You will be thrilled by the assortment. If you wish, you can turn your entire apartment upside down. Murals are suitable for every room. Murals with olives, basil, coffee beans or citrus fruits always cut a fine figure in kitchens. A mix of styles can also be impressive. We have a wide range of products, so that every customer gets their money's worth. In addition to the striking kitchen wallpapers, there are many more options available. Among them are the retro-look, ornaments, stripes, animals, cities, people as well as the classic natural wood-look.

Likewise the murals were enormously enhanced, which is noticeable in many regards. Compared to products of the past decades modern products are characterised by reliable durability. In addition, these murals can be processed much more easily.

Dreams come true with murals

We cannot say why murals have become a trendsetter. In any case, they can be perfectly combined with wall colours, for example. Interesting emphasis can be placed with special dashes of colour such as light green, apricot or lime green. More and more people long for tranquility. Therefore, their own home becomes a safe haven. These rooms are usually designed to provide a harmonious image. As a result, many hobby architects let their imagination run wild. Overnight the living rooms are transformed into romantic landscapes. Occasionally one or the other interior designer already has a dream destination in his mind. Murals help to make these dreams come true. An impressive lighthouse with the corresponding decoration as bedroom wallpaper may possibly work wonders. At this point, we would not want to go too far out on a limb, but as wallpaper specialist on the Internet, we would like to underline the diversity of murals again.

We at tapeto.com have an answer to everything

Are you an absolute newcomer on the subject of murals but cannot get away from the idea of wallpapering them to enchant your hallowed halls with impressive murals? We can only congratulate you on this decision. We are also happy to assist you with all your requests. We have already published the most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page to make the ordering procedure and the order processing more transparently.

We also take the time and respond to the most diverse aspects. Starting with processing, the ordering procedure right up to the required number of rolls. As you can see, we at tapeto.com have an answer to everything.

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