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Are you a visual person and want the walls of your home to glow with a chic new ambiance while also not spending too much money? Then paper wallpaper is your answer! Not only does paper offer a huge variety of colors, patterns and styles, but it’s also super affordable. All of our paper wallpapers are even environmentally friendly, having been made from wood cut from sustainable forests – a great choice for those who care about saving our planet. more
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Product range: Great decor with expressive patterns

Our range of paper wallpapers includes a large selection of different designs and motifs to make your space chic and attractive with minimal expense.

Don´t underestimate the look of a slightly textured monochrome wallpaper. While modest and subtle in the background, it still adds a rich polish to any space and is higher quality and feels deeper than a coat of paint.

On the other hand, if you have a penchant for more playful interior design, such as the English country house style, then you will surely find your perfect paper wallpaper here as well. For example, a filigree floral wallpaper or perhaps, one with romantic flower tendrils in delicate pastel colors.

If nature is what inspires you, design your rooms to look as natural as possible with paper wallpaper! We offer surprisingly real looking faux textured wood or stone wallpapers. With these wallpapers you can achieve any number of styles from shabby chic to modern.

Particularly striking are our paper wallpapers with brilliant color photo murals or those with special surface finishes such as a metallic shine or sparkling glitter.

No matter which design you choose, all of our paper wallpapers visually enhance every room and perfectly round off the design you want.

Tips and important information about paper wallpapers

To hang paper wallpaper, a pasting table is required, unlike with non-woven wallpapers whereby the paste is applied directly to the wall. With paper, each strip needs to be pasted and soaked for a specific amount of time before hanging them to the wall. While the paper soaks, it expands and this is why it is important to follow the instructed soaking time exactly and to maintain a consistent soaking time across all the strips of wallpaper. Failing to do this might result in a misaligned pattern. Furthermore, paper wallpaper must also be soaked with water to be removed from the wall, unlike non-woven material which can simply be pulled from the wall while dry.

To judge the quality of paper wallpaper, pay attention to the weight of the paper; the higher it is, the more robust and opaque the paper will be.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Combinations made Easy:

    Our range of paper wallpapers includes maybe different collections that are coordinated by color and design so that you can effortless combine them. Consider choosing one wall in your room to be a highlight wall with a more striking pattern while the rest of the walls are done with a matching but more subtle or monotone wallpaper from the same set to that the room doesn’t become too restless.

  2. Highlight Shiny or Structured Wallpapers:

    Particularly grabbing are wallpapers with special surface finishes such as a metallic luster or a fine texture. Pay attention to the lighting in the room for the wowing potential of the paper to take full effect. With hidden spotlights or a strip light along the ceiling or floor, the unbelievable action on your walls will be the icing on your interior design cake.

  3. Back to Nature:

    Have you always wanted a stone or wood wall in your home but had no way of actually realizing this fantasy? Well dream no more! With our realistic photo wallpaper murals in faux wood or stone, you will have your wish in no longer than a day. Optimally, hang this wallpaper on a single large wall with a main piece of furniture at it. For instance, place it behind the couch or head of the bed to bring attention to this place in the room.

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