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Non-Woven Wallpaper

Are you trend oriented and like to keep your walls always creatively up to date? Then look no further than non-woven material wallpaper! Non-woven wallpapers are particularly easy to hang as well as remove, and they come in a huge selection of different styles. Change the walls without any effort and always stay on-trend with non-woven wallpaper! more
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Product Range: Variety of Designs and Surfaces

With our non-woven wallpapers, the selection of decors is so great that you will surely find the right design for your situation.

If you prefer a modest and subtle look, consider using a monochromatic universal wallpaper with a fine texture. Otherwise, classics like long and elegant stripes or delicate floral designs might also be right up your alley.

For the more adventurous, our assortment of non-woven wallpaper also offers a large selection of bold patterns. Consider a wallpaper with a 3D look, an extravagantly ornamented wallpaper or perhaps a trendy designer wallpaper – all will make your walls fantastically eye-catching.

Particularly chic are our wallpaper designs with special surface finishes: relief structures, embossed depths, metallic luster and gold shimmer all play with the light and create a great spatial experience with their high-quality look. Thanks to the versatile backing material non-woven, very special effects are made possible: from a sensible wood grain to integrated LED lights, there are virtually no limits to your imagination.

Tips und Important Information about Non-woven

Unlike paper wallpaper, non-woven is very easy to hang. Instead of the careful pasting and soaking time required with paper wallpaper, with non-woven, you can simply apply the paste directly to the wall and stick the dry wallpaper to it. In addition, non-woven is strong and abrasion resistant yet flexible, flame resistant and able to cover up imperfection on the wall below like unevenness, cracks or discoloration.

If it’s often that you enjoy a change of scenery, another special feature of non-woven wallpaper is that it’s easy to remove; simply pull the dry non-woven wallpaper, completely residue free, from the wall.

Make sure your walls are free of oils and dust before hanging wallpaper and prepare the walls with primer or a wallpaper liner if they are at all questionable. For more instruction and tips on hanging wallpaper, check out our blog! There you will find plenty of tutorials, exciting inspiration and professional styling tips.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Individual Wall Design with Paintable Wallpaper:

    With our paintable non-woven wallpaper you can design your space exactly how you want it to be – no more settling. Choose from our wide range of patterns and styles of wallpaper and paint them with your desired color. With their structured or embossed surfaces, paintable wallpapers also conjure special effects on your walls and are even available in particularly elegant versions with real quartz sand.

  2. Use Targeted Lighting:

    Structured and embossed non-woven wallpapers make an even better impression when they are staged with the right lighting. Consider installing hidden spot or strip lights on the ceiling or floor and highlight the unbelievable depth of your walls.

  3. LED-Wallpaper – an absolute Highlight:

    If you are searching for an exceptional and exclusive wall design to leave your guests spellbound, be sure to check out our non-woven wallpapers with integrated LEDs. The unique combination of Swarovski crystals, gold platelets and glitter with the luminous LEDs creates a wow effect in any space.

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