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Product Range: Comics, 3-D and Colourful Ornaments

In addition to cartoon characters and comic heroes such as the brave firefighter Sam, Thomas the Tank Engine , the lovingly drawn Tatty Teddy or the droll figures from Waybaloo, our range also includes the particularly colourful and creative motifs of Melli Mello. The murals and photo wallpapers are designed for the full-area design of individual walls and can be best combined with our vast choice of single-colour wallpapers.

Specialties: Wall Stickers for Creative Interior Design

Our wall stickers with their striking motifs are a real sight in the room. They can easily be installed on smooth surfaces such as walls, furniture and doors and can be as easily removed again.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Harmonious combinations: Each photo motif has one or two dominant colours. These are usually found in the main figure (e.g. the blue Thomas the Tank Engine) or in the background (e.g. green meadow or blue sky). Use it to set up the room to create a uniform look by choosing home textiles in the same colour.
  2. Adventurous dino world: The boy’s room will be even more exciting, if you combine a dinosaur photo wallpaper with the fitting furnishings. Large room palm trees, a terrarium with lizards and a green shag-pile carpet add to the feeling of having travelled back in time to the giant dinosaurs.
  3. Colourful world: The extraordinary wallpapers of Melli Mello are an absolute highlight in the room. You can achieve a harmonious effect when you take up the colours and patterns of the motifs in your furnishings, for example in curtains, carpets and pillow cases. The furniture can also be a bit more original – here, a little bit of pomp, baroque and art nouveau fits wonderfully.
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