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Many enchanting and funny Disney stars and characters are just waiting to be brought into the children’s room. Whether a cheeky shaggy monster from the well-known Monsters, Inc., a brave Marvel superhero, a funny Dino, an adorable Bambi or a fashion-conscious Barbie - with these motifs it will certainly not get boring anymore in the children's room. more
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Product Range: Disney’s Characters, Close Enough to Touch

Here you will find a colourful collection of the most diverse photo wallpapers with famous heroes and motifs from Disney's films: The fantastic story of Arlo and Spot as a mural, wild action scenes with Marvel's superheroes in large format, dramatic snapshots from the Pirates of the Caribbean and of course classics Like Bambi and The Lion King. The large-area motifs are very well suited for wallpapering individual walls; the assortment, however, also includes pattern and motif wallpapers that allow you to transform entire spaces into a colourful comic world.

Specialties: Stickers and Tattoos for Walls and Furniture

Our stickers and wall tattoos are very versatile and easy to apply. You can not only decorate the walls of the children's room creatively, but also decorate the furniture to match the wall design.

Three Design-Tips from Tapeto

  1. Ready to board : Our exciting photo motifs from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" are just the thing for small and big pirate fans. With the matching furnishings, for example, a self-made bed of pallets, a chest as a table and a "real" pirate sabre on the wall, the pirate look is perfect
  2. I’m a Barbie girl: Women love shoes - girls love Barbie and dream of their own Barbie room - all in pink, of course! Make this dream come true: with a Barbie photo wallpaper and the colour-coordinated decor, together with home textiles, you will transform the children's room into a magical Barbie world
  3. This is how to make art from a photo wallpaper: Our large format wallpapers can also be turned into free-floating murals easily. Glue the wallpaper to a solid cardboard or a polystyrene board and attach it to the ceiling with "invisible" nylon strings
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