Marvel's Spiderman

Immerse yourself in the exciting comic world of the brave Spiderman and follow him on his hunt for criminals and his fight for what is good, swinging through skyscraper canyons with him – what little boy would not want that? With our impressive photo wallpapers, this dream comes true, as the spectacular motifs transform any children's room into an exciting fantasy world. more
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Product Range: Motifs Full of Action with Spatial Depth Effect

Brilliant 3D scenes with astounding spatial effect are waiting for you here; the large-area motifs were created with the computer and create a perfect spatial illusion, which gives more depth to the room. Of course, we also have Spiderman wallpapers in the popular comic style for you.

Specialties: Spiderman on Stickers for Walls and Furniture

Our wall sticker sets provide even more action in the children's room. Use these to decorate monochrome walls to create your own Spiderman comic, or embellish furniture and doors to match the wall. The foil stickers are suitable for all smooth surfaces and are easy to install and remove.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. The optimal interior design: You will achieve the best effect for the room by embellishing a single wall with a large-sized photo wallpaper and complementing it with single-colour wallpapers on the remaining room walls, for example in grey, red or blue. Thus, the exciting 3D motif becomes even more effective.
  2. Picking up colour worlds: For the furnishing of the children's room, the colours available in the wallpaper motif are the right choice. For curtains, cushions and carpets, for example, use the red and blue of the Spiderman suit to create a coherent overall picture.
  3. Lighting effects for even more drama: With skilful lighting, you can further enhance the dramatic effect of 3D motifs, for example with ceiling spots or indirect lighting.
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