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Marvel's Avengers

Time for action in the youth’s room: with these photo wallpapers, your child is going to experience exciting adventures every day, side by side with the Avengers, the invincible super heroes, in their fight against gloomy threats to mankind. With their dramatic film scenes and adventurous comic strips, these wallpapers are perfect for cool heroes but certainly nothing for the faint hearted. more
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Product Range: Exciting Film and Comic Scenes in Large Format

Spectacular fighting scenes and action-packed comics with the courageous heroes from Marvel's cartoon films transform the youth’s room into an exciting film set. Everyone can find their own personal hero here: from Captain America with his super shield, the invincible Iron Man with his indestructible armour to the Incredible Hulk, the entire team of fierce fighters is present.

Specialties: Life-Sized Brave Heroes

With our wall stickers, your child will have his or her super hero as a life-size daily companion and friend in their own room. The sticker sets contain many cool stickers, which can be used to embellish walls and furniture quickly and easily.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Set the scene: The eventful wallpaper motifs are at their best when they are hung on a free wall. Together with white or light single-coloured wallpapers, the focus remains on the staged photo motif and the wall design does not get too unsettled.
  2. Harmonious combinations: The futuristic Avengers fit perfectly to modern furniture and home accessories in white, grey and black. Of course, you can also pick up some dominating colours from the comics in pillow cases and carpets, so that room and drawn world connect to form an inseparable whole.
  3. Not just for young comic fans: But also the older comic aficionados can revive their memories of the colourful comics of their youth with our special wallpaper motifs showing the earlier editions of comic books, and conjuring up a fictional comic collection on the wall.
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