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Disney Nemo & Dory

Now it is time to dive into an exciting underwater world with the adorable characters from Disney's films: Nemo and Dorie. On these colourful photo wallpapers, there are always new things to discover: fish that glitter in all colours of the rainbow, flamboyant corals and, of course, Nemo, Dorie and her fun companions on their journey through the wide sea - wallpapers that make you dream and stimulate the imagination. more
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Product Range: Fantastic Motifs for Little Daydreamers

With these photo wallpapers, the children's room becomes a very special world of experience. In addition to the adorable clown fish Nemo and the bewildered Dorie, who is suffering from memory loss, your child meets the sea turtle Crush, the whale shark Destiny, the giant eagle ray Mr. Ray, the disgruntled octopus Hank and many other marine animals. Choose among the different formats and stick entire walls all over or decorate only parts of the children's room with these wonderful motifs.

Specialties: Joyful Foil Stickers for Walls and Windows

Matching the photo wallpapers, you can find self-adhesive stickers with different film characters in our assortment. You can simply place them on walls or smooth surfaces such as windows and mirrors and also remove them effortlessly.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Yet more Nemo: The design of the children's room is especially harmonious when you take up the motifs from the underwater world in the home textiles. Your child will surely look forward to snuggle up with Nemo and Dorie bedding at night, or will love a night light with the funny clownfish lighting up the darkness.
  2. For yet more of an underwater feel: Combine the photo wallpapers with colour-coordinated single coloured wallpapers in blue tones. So, the whole children’s room becomes a big ocean
  3. This simply fits: With our window pictures, you can make the underwater look in the children's room perfect. Of course, you can also place them in the bathroom, so that your child can splash with his or her friends from the sea.
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