Disney Fairies & Princesses

The curtain rises for an enchanting fairy tale world. Little princesses will love these wallpapers! The colourful motifs of the photo wallpapers bring the admired beauties from Disney's masterpieces like Cinderella, La Belle, Arielle and Snow White directly into the children's room and let your child experience their own fairy tale. Daydreaming cannot be any more beautiful. more
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Product Range: Fairy Tale Motifs You Can Touch

Whether the mermaid Arielle in a fantastic underwater world, Snow White with her beloved animals in the forest or Cinderella in the ballroom - here your little princess is sure to find a motif that makes her heart beat faster. In addition to large-format individual motifs, which are suitable for the design of individual walls, you will also find patterned wallpapers that turn entire rooms into a magical world of fairies, blossoms, butterflies and princesses.

Specialties: Fairies and Princesses as Wall Tattoos and Window Stickers

. With our window sticker and wall tattoo sets, you get matching motifs to decorate windows, walls and furniture in the children's room to match the photo wallpaper. The stickers are made of firm foil and attaching and removing them is child’s play.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Creating fairy tale scenes : The large-format photo wallpapers are especially effective when you place them on a preferably free wall. It´s best to combine them with monochrome wallpapers in colour shades of the film motif to create a coherent overall picture.
  2. This is how princesses live: Choose furniture and home accessories matching the fairy tale motif of the photo-wallpaper. For example, a playful dressing table, a sparkling chandelier and a romantic canopy bed make the princess's bedroom perfect and let your child dream royally.
  3. Designing enchanting furniture yourself: Your child wishes for nothing more than a princess wardrobe, a fairy bed or an Arielle chest of drawers? It couldn´t be any easier: with our wall tattoos, furniture can quickly be embellished creatively and that at a low cost.
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