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Zuhause Wohnen

With the wallpapers from Zuhause Wohnen, your home will become your own personal retreat, where you can feel good and relax. With their bright colors, light designs and playful patterns, the wallpaper creates a sense of serenity in the room, turning your four walls into a home of harmony and tranquility. Just the thing for everyone who appreciates comfort, a special quality of living and tasteful home design. more
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Product Range: Lightness and Harmony for your Home

The home wallpapers collection designs bring lightness and balance to your home. They come in delicate pastel shades and light floral decors and combine nostalgia, romance and classical elements to harmonious decors full of aesthetics. Lovers of romantic living room design and fans of the popular country house style get their money's worth, as the delicate patterns are perfect for these interior design styles. Even modern living ideas can be implemented very well with these timeless designs.

In addition to patterned wallpaper designs, our selection also includes color-coordinated faux-monochrome wallpapers. This special type of plain wallpaper is characterized by subtle grains in monochrome color and thus looks more alive than most commercially available monochrome wallpapers. These can be perfectly combined with patterned wallpapers within the collection.

These high-quality non-woven wallpapers were created by renowned designers of the popular Home Magazine ‘Zuhause Wohnen’. Based on current trends in living décor, as well as, established classics, they have created a wide range of tasteful wallpaper designs, in keeping with the zeitgeist of the current interior design. With the Zuhause Wohnen brand wallpapers, you receive not only first-class quality but also a professional design, which you will be sure to enjoy for a long time.

The magazine for high living quality and creative interior design

Published by ‘Jahreszeitverlag’, the well-known German magazine ‘Zuhause wohnen’ is thrilled to have a large number of readers following their articles every month on everything surrounding living, furnishing and decorating. In addition to current living and design trends, you will find tips for gardening and garden maintenance, as well as, interesting reports that give insights into particularly successful apartments and houses. With creative examples and vivid pictures, the magazine makes you want to recreate what you have seen in your own home – inspirational!

Together with, wallpaper manufacturer, Marburger Tapeten, Zuhause Wohnen has already developed a number of its own wallpaper collections. Classic stylistic elements and modern components were transformed into pretty wall-wear which is optimally attuned to current trends and the needs of the time.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. What fits together?:

    The light and airy designs of Zuhause Wohnen wallpapers are matched nicely with bright furniture. A large sofa in cream or a white glazed wooden piece against the delicate floral tendrils of the wallpaper would create a stunning yet harmonious whole. To absolutely tie the room together, make sure that the rooms textiles also pick up the colors or patterns in the wallpaper.

  2. Framed wallpaper art:

    You chose a wallpaper you love right? Then why not turn it into a work of instant art by framing a small piece of it (and hanging it on a wall that isn’t already using that wallpaper)? This is a great way to carry design themes to other areas of the home and really create harmony. Use a piece of your statement wallpaper for this and put it on a wall with preferably monochrome wallpaper.

  3. Be creative, be yourself:

    Do you want your furniture to really fit with your wallpaper? No problem! With our high-quality non-woven wallpapers you can easily design your lampshade yourself and thus perfectly match your wall design and interior design. On the Internet, you will find many instructions that make home-improvement easy.

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