Werner Aisslinger

The designer wallpapers of Werner Aisslinger are graphic masterpieces of the highest creative finesse and innovative expressive power. Retro patterns with powerful forms transform your four walls into hip design lofts with cult character. Structures from nature are skilfully transformed into modern designs and combine natural vitality with innovative living design. If you like to surround yourself with the urban feeling of a pulsing metropolis and stylishly staged naturalness, these wallpapers are a must. more
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Product range: Nature and past reinterpreted

Werner Aisslinger's designer wallpapers have many faces: you will find cool, geometric designs in tile look and modern 3-D decors with fascinating spatial effects as well as cool retro patterns in strong colours. The designer also loves to play with the filigree structures from nature. For example, he used the fine grain of wood, stone or paper as inspiration for some wallpapers, which he staged stylishly through reduction and vigorous colour contrasts.

Fans of simple, clear shapes and natural living room flair get their money´s worth with the designer wallpapers of Werner Aisslinger just as much as fans of the cool retro look and modern urban living space designs.

A visionary of modern living

Werner Aisslinger was born in Nördlingen in 1964 and studied industrial design at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. There, he founded his own design office in 1993; since then, innovative product and furniture design as well as architecture and design concepts have been the focus of his work. Werner Aisslinger has already received many awards for his creations, including the Red Dot Award, the German Design Award and the iF Gold Award. He also received the title "A & W Designer of the Year 2014". A special interest of the designer is the topic of housing and its development in the future. One of his most famous works in this area is surely the Loft Cube, a futuristic mobile living cubicle with a living space of approx. 39 sqm, which could be transported to different places by helicopter or crane. Today, the building is located in the sculpture park of the Haus am Waldsee in Berlin. Meanwhile, Werner Aisslinger also has wallpaper designs in his portfolio. A.S. Création presented their first joint wallpaper collection in 2014 in the design hotel 25hours Bikini Berlin, which also was designed by Werner Aisslinger himself.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Setting up a retro loft: Aisslinger's retro decors are perfect to bring hip loft flair to your home. This includes, of course, the matching furnishings with modern lounge furniture, such as plastic chairs, egg chairs, upholstered cubes, large designer lamps and colour-coordinated home textiles.
  2. Creating urban naturalness: Many of Werner Aisslinger’s wallpaper decors capture natural shapes and patterns in a reduced form, giving the rooms a special liveliness. Combine interior decoration and furniture made of natural materials such as a dining table or a bench made of untreated wood, structured, coarse parquet floors and large green plants.
  3. Strong contrasts through varied surface materials: You can stage the graphic effect of the designer wallpaper skilfully by combining them with rough, exposed masonry, stone slabs or wooden walls. A great choice here is also the use of our photo wallpapers, which create the almost perfect illusion of genuine natural materials with their realistic depiction of wall, stone and wood.
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