Ulf Moritz

Light, sensual and elegant - the wallpapers designed by Ulf Moritz look like fine fabrics snuggling up to the walls. The designer plays with different materials and structures to create refined compositions, which give each room liveliness: noble pearls, glossy lacquer and fine fabrics make the decors of Ulf Moritz something special. You will not only wish to look at these wallpapers but also to touch and enjoy them with all your senses. more
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Product range: Play with materials

Simple opulence - how does that go together? Quite simply: by combining quiet classical shapes with striking surface finishes and materials such as glittering pearls, metallic lustre effects and shimmering fibres. This is how Ulf Moritz gives his designer wallpapers this particularly light yet elegant look. Also fascinating is the spatial and sculptural effect of the wallpapers, which change their faces and design effects depending on the incidence of light . If you have a soft spot for special materials and fine fabrics like the designer, you will love these wallpapers. Ulf Moritz, with his creations, goes far beyond the customary refinements and works materials into his wallpapers as unusual as basalt yarn, which is obtained from molten basaltic rocks, or mica slate , which are scattered about the wallpapers as tiny plates and laminated with foil. This turns his creations into very special jewellery for connoisseurs of good design.

Designer with many facets

Ulf Moritz studied industrial textile design in Krefeld and has been working as a freelance designer since then. In addition to textile collections, he also creates corporate identities, exhibition stands, furniture and wallpaper. The designer's drafts can be admired in various museums such as the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York and the textile museum in Tilburg. Ulf Moritz was chosen as Designer of the Year by the magazine "Architecture and Living" in 2003, and received the title "Royal Designer for Industry" from the "Royal Society of Arts" in London. For his wallpapers, Ulf Moritz likes to opt for extraordinary materials such as metal threads, horsehair, pearls or silk. Together with the Marburger Tapetenfabrik , he has already created four collections of wallpapers: Ulf Moritz IMAGINATION, Ulf Moritz SCALA, Ulf Moritz WALL COUTOURE and Ulf Moritz THE CLASSICS

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Play with light: The designer wallpapers by Ulf Moritz come alive with light and the right lighting; with this, the surface effects and the fine plasticity of the decors fully come into their own. Be as experimental as the designer himself and try to find out which light sources are best suited to your chosen motifs. This could be indirect lighting with spotlights or direct lighting by large spotlights.
  2. Harmonious combinations: Many of our designer wallpapers are available in different colour variants, which can be combined very well. The combination of quiet motifs with monochrome structured wallpapers is also ideal for creating a space that is consistent in itself and yet varied.
  3. Opposites attract: Wallpaper decors with natural structures not only fit to furniture made of natural materials; combined with modern inventory, they create a particularly interesting contrast that is stylish and shows a keen sense for tasteful and contemporary living room design.
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