Thomas Zeitlberger

The extraordinary and expressive wall images by Thomas Zeitlberger transform your walls into oversize works of art full of originality and imagination and your rooms into walkable worlds of experience and dream landscapes. Each picture tells a story, which only gradually opens up to the viewers, drawing them into a colourful, fantastic world and immersing them in magical moments full of fascination and illumination. more
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Product range: Unique collages full of expressiveness

The large-format murals of Thomas Zeitlberger are a mixture of past and present, traditional and modern. In his illustrations, the designer combines elements, patterns and forms of classicism as well as baroque and the gothic period with modern symbols. He mixes pictures of animals and plants with digital and technical objects; thus, he brings things into a new context, and what appears to be contradictory at first glance, yet combines into a meaningful whole. With his works, Thomas Zeitlberger inspires contemplation - a must for anyone who wants to decorate their walls with art full of symbolism and depth and thus stand out from conventional, superficial decoration

With the series-produced wallscapes of the designer, now also private individuals can enjoy his coveted illustrations, which can be found in many public spaces like restaurants and shops.

A master of the big picture

The Austrian designer Thomas Zeitlberger was born in 1969 in Vienna. After training as a goldsmith and jewellery designer, he studied sculpture and new media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and later at the Karlsruhe University of Media Arts. He first worked in the field of media and broadcasting, before becoming an independent artist in 2007. The designer became known for his extraordinary illustrations, which can be found in magazines, on accessories, cars and as oversized wallscapes in shops, cafés and office spaces. Beside custom-made commissioned works, Thomas Zeitlberger also created murals for serial production. Thus, in cooperation with the Marburger Tapetenfabrik, also six expressive wallscapes were created, in which the designer mixes elements of the most diverse art epochs with modern elements - associatively, eclectically and simply differently - in his typical collage style.

Three design tips from Tapeto

  1. Representative art for customers and guests: Die überdimensionalen Designer-Wandbilder von Thomas Zeitlberger eignen sich hervorragend für die Gestaltung repräsentativer Räume wie Eingangshallen, Ladengeschäfte, Cafés oder Geschäftsräume. Ihre Kunden und Gäste werden von dieser originellen Wandgestaltung mit Sicherheit beeindruckt sein und Sie positiv im Gedächtnis behalten. The oversized designer wall murals by Thomas Zeitlberger are ideally suited for designing representative rooms such as entrance halls, shops, cafés or business premises. This original wall design will surely impress your customers and make them remember you in a positive light.
  2. Combine in style: Thomas Zeitlberger uses many elements of past art epochs in his wall paintings. Pick these up in your interior decoration to create a connection of wall design and room furnishings; for example, by using antique furniture from the era represented by the artist – such as baroque chairs and/or picture frames and a decorative large chandelier.
  3. Set accents: The oversize creations of the artist immediately draw all eyes with their colourful illustrations. Use them deliberately and moderately, and combine them with monochrome wallpapers, so that they can unfold their effect fully and your rooms do not become too restless. The juxtaposition of raw, unpainted masonry and a full-length mural is also a chic way to emphasize the artistic character of the designer wallpaper in a tasteful way.
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