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Do you want your space to be stylish and modern, yet still with a comfortable and warm atmosphere? Would you like to wow your guests and transform your home into an absolutely cozy feel-good oasis? Then look no further than the high-quality wallpaper from Schöner Wohnen. A wide variety of designs that have the potential to fit with most furnishings awaits you. more
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Product Range: High Quality Brandname Wallpaper with Versatility

Schöner Wohnen’s wallpaper collections win you over with multifaceted and expressive designs from their graceful florals which give the room a nostalgic romance to their seemingly printed patterns that lend a light lively energy to the space. Even lovers of modern design will swoon for Schöner Wohnen’s graphic designs that promise to create attention-grabbing accents in your space though the use of clear lines, striking patterns and vibrant colors. For those who prefer a subtler look, Schöner Wohnen’s monocolored wallpapers with their structured textures can still offer interesting walls without being overbearing. Visually appealing wallpapers that look just like brick, stone or textiles, can fit with anything from modern themes to more rustic designs. You are only limited by your imagination.

More than a Home Magazine

In 1960, the first edition of Schöner Wohnen, Europe's largest home magazine, was published. To this day, the magazine continues to delight its readers with stories on home decoration with an emphasis on current trends and creative tips for enhancing one’s living spaces. Experts from the magazine eventually decided to develop their own ‘Schöner Wohnen’ brand of home goods, including paints, tiles, flooring, textiles and wallpaper. Special attention has been paid to match colors and patterns across their products to make it especially fool-proof to combine their products into a harmonious and well-designed space. Together with A.S. Création, Schöner Wohnen has already developed nine wallpaper collections, which have enjoyed great popularity due to their variety of timeless patterns and designs that they offer.

Three Design Tips from Tapeto

  1. Decorate with Florals:

    Using floral decoration is the easiest way to add some romance to your living situation. Consider combining a floral wallpaper with embroidered tablecloths, ruffle curtains and delicate pastel colors to give the space a nostalgic flair. Alternatively, go for a retro look by pairing your floral wallpaper with vintage furniture and soke up the groovy vibes with your guests.

  2. Create Harmony:

    In addition to wallpapers, Schöner Wohnen’s collections also includes furniture, floor coverings and home textiles such as carpets, curtains, blankets and cushions, which can be harmoniously combined with one another. Let yourself be inspired your wallpaper and carry the color palette or motifs into other aspects of your room by using the brand's other matching products.

  3. Stylish Color Palettes:

    Choose a wallpaper that’s colors will compliment the existing color palette of your home or vis versa. For instance, if you have a strong teal color in the wallpaper pattern, you can try to pick it up again in your carpet, pillow cases or other textiles in your home. This complimentary color palette building immediately creates a strong sense of tasteful harmony in a home. You can achieve the same affect by mimicking motifs form the wallpaper in other places in your home. Be creative and find your very own style that expresses your attitude to life.

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